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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

and that's what happens when we all get toys...
and start playing with them and some... "weiiiird" O_O
story come up and there' s something eerie about this but
seems like the dog is in danger cuz the bunny is going shopping... wish bear slipper's at his feet and... his wee wee is showing...

kinda perverted lah.....

no no joking... so cuuuute XD

this is not mine!
it's my roommate's who's obsessed with pekochan.

He got really cool ones.
these are not ravioli, these are suuuuweeet!
ichigo mashimaro cellphone strap muahahahaha

Nyaaaa we are bagged nyaaa >___<

Ah, you dropped something.

What? O_o

why are there so many people down there?

Yayyyy yaaaay.....
what does your book say?

my book says she's supposed to float...

Mine too, let's just throw her in the water

I cannot swiiiiim.
yay let's go shopping....

..... yay ready for the pool... what?

shopping? O_O

Bag fight!

yay I am still in my swimsuit.
let' go swiiiiim


oh, what's that over there?

Yo megane girl! Don't mess with me, me and buddies here will break your arms both... know your place you suckaa!

(they sound exactly what they look like.)

You guys! scram! the cops are coming....
Ana coppola
Birthday June 18th
blood type AB

Ana: "dance dooggiiie"
Satake: woof who-f?
John: you nya!
Ana: dance ferreeet...
John: darenyaaa
Ana: I wanna swim.

don't they sound and look like total airhead?
Ichigo mashimaro....
figures and cellphone straps.
my latest purchase... Toruchan!


Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha.... ha........ ha!