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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mixed case #1:

Can you kinda see Sanpei back there? yeah there's a sanpei set in there... also a Shicchan (shikamaru from Naruto - all by himself) and a little doraemon and a Dragon Ball figurine....
Joe speeding up.

this is the lates one.... instead... it's encased already... will take better pic soon.

when you are a Jet you are a jet all your life... XD

Jet Link - Cyborg 002.

at the far left we see... Pyunma - Cyborg 008.

in the back... Geronimo, Jr. - Cyborg 005

Francoise, Geronimo, in the center...

Albert Heinrich - Cyborg 004, my favorite, always has sad love stories... behind Albert is Great Britain - Cyborg 007

Tutti per uno, uno per tutti: siamo i cyborg!
Tutti e nessuno, nessuno e tutti: siamo i cybooorg!

My set # 2 and #3 of Cyborg oo9 (that are actually set 1 and 2 LOL).

comes with 2 Joe Shimamura (Shimamura Jō) - Cyborg 009 (one standing pondering and one clicking to hyper speed) and 2 Françoise Arnoul - Cyborg 003...( one standing pondering and one sitting pondering while staring at baby Ivan Whisky - Cyborg 001).

Chang Chang Ku Chinese Pinyin: Zhāngzhāng Hú)- Cyborg 006 comes with a set of extra arms to... cook (he's got a frying pan).

Dr. Isaac Gilmore appears in this set also.
Sometimes she's a gorgeous biker, sometimes she's a helpful nurse, and sometimes she's a witty television producer. Her true identity? Soldier of love, warrior of justice, Cutie Honey!

pappapaya pappaya pa!

(I hate the fact her sword bent. cannot manage to straighten it anymor, why don't they tape these things to cardboard might i ask O_O?)
Rocky joe (set 2)

The boxing club and bridge of tears included...
the writing on the walls says: nah, let's cross this bridge of the tears together.






Samurai 7

this set is very nicely done, worth every penny,
it smells bad though.

Kambei is not as nice as he could be, the details are awesome but his face looks rather odd.
let's go in order.
Heihachi to the very left, has propably the best pose of them all. Nice coloration too, his face is really cute and a classic, cat like nyaa nyaa expression so typical of Heihachi.

Schichiroji has nice colors and the way he holds his spear is awesome. His face and hair is nicely done.
Katsushiro has the prettiest face of them all. it really does look like him. His coloration is a bit faded for my taste... in the anime the black are bluegreen and his red are redorange.... nice combination of complementary colors, his pants are also more ochre... making you think of gold, therefore jewel, therefore something precious. Here the orange is faded and the bluegreen became pure black.
Gorobei is the one I like the least. His pose is static, colors are okay, the face so so.
Kambei has a horrible face, does not look like him at all... only has a nice left profile... the rest is messed up.
Now Kikuchiyo is the best piece of them all, for pose, coloration, details... it's metallic look is awesome, although his sword keeps falling off his hand.
As for kyuzo, he looks gorgeous from the top up... not so nice bottom down... his legs are stiff and have bad modeling, luckily the coat covers them

the modl were very nice, gotta love the bases, they friggin' stand man!
this is still an A set to me.
in caso non sappiate a quale samurai 7 mi riferisco... e' questo splendore qui:

non so come mai sulla scatola c'e' anche un'immagine dei Nobuseri, spero davvero non ci fosse una figura segreta che non mi hanno spedito perche' andrei in belva.... ad ogni modo sarebbe stato carino avere non solo i sette samurai ma anche rikichi, kirara e komachi... per non parlare del mio adorato Ukyo che aveva la silhouette piu' bella di tutti (deda adooooora i pantaloni alla zuawa e gli stivaloni - fanno tanto 1913 *_____*).

ma, ad ogni modo 7 samura sono meglio di niente... penso che il pezzo piu' bello sia kikuchiyo.... attendevo con impazienza kambei-sama (che ovviamente e' uscito per ultimo dalla scatolina... ma com'e' che il pezzo preferito e' sempre l'ultimo?).... ma visto frontalmente il viso non e' un granche' ed ha un profilo molto debole... mentre Katsushiro e' proprio identico... unica pecca e' che i neri sono davvero neri... mentre nel cartone il nero non esiste... e' sempre mescolato a qualche colore e Katsushiro ha una sorta di blue/verde scuro al posto del nero... di fatto ha il mio schema di colori preferito.... con il rosso/arancio opposto al suo complementare blu/verde ed i pantaloni ocra.... ma nella figurina i pantaloni sono gialli....
invece tutti gli altri hanno colori stupendi nei colori e c'e' soprattutto heihachi che ha una posa spettacolare.... molto dinamica e molto tipica di heihachi.
Gorobei e shichiroji non sono male... hanno bei colri e sono ben fatti....

Kyuzo ha una posa un po' rigida ma ha un viso bellissimo O_O.... Lui e katsushiro sono davvero belli in viso..... ma Kikuchiyo e' la figurina piu' bella di tutti, per posa, colorazione e dettagli.
calla lily lid, inside.
Sugar container lid, top.

the inside are, once again mottled blue.
The cup the earpick container and the plate have mottled blue insides.
the plate was cut but the glaze filled in the gap.

the cut shows better when reversed... some of the mottled blue leaked through the gap (he he he)
the inside of the lid has a tiny bit of glaze but the rest of it is left to burn to black.
perfect spiral foot for the plate, and traditional ring foot for the cup.

3 more pieces belong to the set: Milk container, sugar container, the ring is supposed to be a strainer or better yet it's a weight for the paper filter.....

no teapot? nope, tea is made and served and sipped and enjoyed only with the cups.
other pieces belonging to the set are the cup with a lid, and the rice cracker's plate.

The little caraffe it's actually my earpick's container...
I liked the results of the teaset so I designed my earpick to have the same look... only the ring is thicker and actually I did not mix the temoku properly on purpose to see what the wet glaze would do....
as a result... the wet part with not so many mineral in suspension became silver and the top part with the thickest consistency became pure temoku (without melting away on the yellow salt or the mottled blue inside)
this is the reason why they are all different shapes and have different color rings... they are designed to fit one inside the other... and alternate green, temoku, red, green, red. It's a caterpillar effect!

the set has 5 cups and a jar, container for the tea.
Same glazes applied to the jar and it's lid.

the jar's ring is temoku, the inside is mottled blue.

the lid represent a calla lily.

As i don't believe in perfection of forms, the pieces were thrown as straight and perfect as they could be and then wacked or punched at the end of the process or sqeezed to loose shape.
tea set.

I have been making this out of Black Mountain clay, as a set for my best friend Giorgia who is
getting married in May.
The set consist of 5 cup, all the same and all different.
Yellow salt glaze on the outside, mottled blue in the inside. The ring is each a different glaze: Temoku, Copper red and green celadon are the main 3 ring glazes.

Both Temoku and copper red have burned, making the ring look black,
the temoku slightly shinier. The green is still visible instead.
The ring glazes has melted and gone inside mixing with the mottled blue of the inside.

the cups are similar but at the same time all different. Even the foot differs.
Some have a nice carved in foot, others a wide one... some have spirals others don't.

When fired a first time Black Mountain turns orange, when fired a second time for glazing, it turns black. i was pretty happy with the end results... the yellow salt took a nice "ancient" connotation and the burnt foot make the pieces look 'antique'.