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Saturday, July 15, 2006

My little science project....

trying to customize a Pinky by making my
own pieces....

what am I building?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My nightstand... ^_^
with my looooves...
that mickey mouse there? so rare! so expensive!
uh-oh! I have to build this one now...
how? O_o
Pinky # 1 and special one.
My loveeeee!
unico is the beeest! XD

Kei Toume

the book.....

The autograph....

and inside.....

the wonder!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ashita no Joe
pvc figure... the guy didn't know what he was selling... gave it to me for 5 bucks.

say hello to Sailor moon

Hiiii sailor moooon...

Some robots to put together for next week.


Binchotan on the kinoko mushroom.

Abenobash mahou shoutengai.

Taurus: Knights of the Zodiac.

Ryoga rescues Ranma : ranma 1/2

Akira: a missing piece I was looking for.

Anne of green gables, Heidi and Pizza marco... very tiny sets, beautifully done
very easy to put together... great paint work.

Nadjia Applefield.

This is one fun set. you can change her clothes into a ballerina outfit...
and make her dance too... *___*

Here's the alternative.
Mahou hakushon...
the missing piece arrived, thanks to Nyomaaaaa!
and now the family is all reunited.

Some more dragon ball
I am a sucker for mecha.... XD
these are very small pieces too.

Matsumoto Leji....

these matsumoto's sets are really beautiful but such a pain to put together....
they are rubbery, the girl have long hair... can't quite tell left foot from right foot.
needless to say... my favorite pieces are maetel, Tochiro and his bird and queen emeraldas.
Versailles no bara....

we are venturing into fantastic territory here... my heart was going doki doki while
putting together these pieces... and when i saw Fersen... I almost fainted.


Sorry blurred pic, it looked nice on the camera monitor...
eeer Oscar's dress is to die for...
First love triangle: Oscar, Fersen and Marie Antoinette.

I usually dislike busts... but oh the beauty and the details.. Antoinette's hair
is just fantastic and the blue colored oscar... is straight out of Berubara illustrations.

Second love triangle: Rosalie, Monsier Oscar and Andre....
How incredibly romantic is Andre' casting his shadow in the pale moonlight...
against those tall, familiar window we adored in Berubara... Aaaah! *___*

It might seem funny to put these SD one after these marvelous piece... but hey,
aren't they cute and you can totally change their outfit... it was love at first sight!
Crayon Shinchan

These come out of chocolate eggs, they are so cuuuute XDD I want more.
My obsession with Gacchans and tezuka does not stop at gashapons.
Dr. Slump and Arale (chan)
semi movable set.

What's in this beautiful little bag?

Aralechan and her little friends (and not so friendly enemies muahahaha)
they are posable, yes and have little king fu grip... supercute....
have also tiny gadgets like, a bag, a bottle of milk, poop on a stick....

Suppaman has a jar of umeboshi. Senbee has Timeslip, Turbo a bottle of milk and midori is just adorable.

The gacchan's fly around chewing metal and our favorite alien conquerors could not be missing....
Aralechan bottlecap

This set has a funny story... I started buying it piece by piece individually about 5 years ago...
I got the last ones in Italy during my vacation, except for the secret figure... that was really rare and hard to find.
We go to animexpo with my buddies bishie huntresses and my dear merrow buys me a box...
I thought well worse comes to worse I'll have a double... but... what a lucky hand that girl has, she caught the rare secret figure O_O I was in shock!~
So thanks Merrow, thanks to you my set's complete!!!
Doesn't it look great?
I bought 4 sets in a short period of time....
here they are...

Magical Emi, Sandy, Pelsia and Yu... with their friends.

This set came with 2 creamy mami, one of which was a secret figure.

This set came out in occasion of the creation of a game for DX called "little witches mischief".
Sally, Bia, Noa, Cutey honey and Lulu are the names in italian of these famous magical girls... a friend of mine worked on the game and tol me about it... I knew a set was out there somewhere.

This set focuses on Magical Emi and Pelsia... before and after transformation.

this one on fancy lala and creamy mami.

all majokko come with their magical helper... these are really nice sets, but the rubbery type...
ergo a pain in the butt to put together....