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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Totally irrelevant.
My new headphones to watch movies while I draw.
Isn't this the life?

The pirate life for me.

If you think this is sweet, wait to see my I-patch.

The front is really pretty but wait to see the back...

Yes! Yeeees! It's a picture frame!
Awesome! I can put all of my drawings in the back muahahahaha.

Sure it covers the Almighty Dedasaur engraving (but it's so puny anyway)... but muahahaha... this is badass!
I have to say I am not surprise by a certain behavior developing on the web... I think they made a movie on the topic called Cyberbullies and honestly before I left Italy the news did not show anything promising concerning the tendency our youth has to come in a group and push down the weak.

I am honestly disappointed though... but still feel that I, today, for the second time in about two years, and this time around without even physically being there... have left Italy for the third time (I have to admit my second time was when I stopped posting in Italian on my social network websites). I am asking to be canceled by a small list to which I enrolled hoping to get more visibility (but actually all I needed to do was enroll in Shockdom - which gets many more visitors and has better statistics).

I honestly have worked hard my entire life and as the hours get more and more stressful I cannot think of a better way of relaxing if not finally writing the story I always wanted to read.

Frigging tired of all these action movies where images pound on my heads and no character development moves the story, same goes for comics and plenty of other things.
But this is what the medias produce and it's forming a superficial type of viewer that does not like to think too much, wants to relax, be pound on... and gets stoned. Why not? It is a form of getting stoned.

I am bored.
All of this bores me to no end... and I think I would write an action story only the day action stories start putting people making out every other minute. Because action itself consist of the same image over and over again, a guy jumping, stretching back in an arc, forming a 4 shape with his body and punching down something badass and ugly looking (it must be going around for decades now, it started in some videogame I guess). Not even variation on theme, you know...
With kissing one could be more creative... think about all the beautiful kissing scenes Hitchcock came up with.

My idea is: men with big penises don't make war, they make love!
As simple as that: they don't have to prove the size of their penis... they use it directly and by using it prove how big it is.

So I am not interested in telling the stories of men with small dicks - pardon my french - and that's because they are, usually frustrated, mediocre little men... and the heroine has to suffer twice: first because they are idiot, second because their penis is small.

Unfortunately the audience has to identify with the hero and that is why stories of men with big penises don't get a huge following! XD Especially if the girl gets to enjoy it but makes him suffer a bit first...

So here is the link to the Smack Jeeves awards!

Where the Pirate Balthasar - MY COMIC - is nominated for best romance!

Vote for men with big penises who don't need to get any other kinds of action than the one under the blankets with their beloved pretty girls!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Once again slaves of another master.... oh boy, they will plot against me, the Mac and the Ipad, won't they? Yes they will. I am doomed.

e questo qui non andra' a fare comunella con il Principe? Sono condannata.

And just because I could, it came with it.... I engraved me name on it, ahr.
So that he knows who the owner is... yah, hopefully... there's His Hignes (the mac), then me, then him... maybe.

A questo qua pero' l'ho fatto marchiare sul retro cosi' vediamo se lo capisce che comando io, non lui... cioe' comanda il mac, poi ci sono io e poi c'e' lui... spero.