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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gnocchi bava e noci.

bava means saliva... how to make saliva?
melt in the frying pan swiss cheese (lerdammer), provolone cheese (galbanino), blue cheese (mascarpone gorgonzola) e some grated parmesan cheese, with cream (cooking cream or chef's cream) a bit of nutmet and a spoon of apple juice.

How to make the gnocchi: you buy them.
Bring the water to boiling point, add salt then toss in the ghocchi, When the come floatin on top you take them out immediately (when they float they are ready).
You scoop them out and toss them in the pan were you melted the cheese in the cream...
you sauté a bit and make the cream get nicely around the gnocchi,
break a few walnuts and toss them in.
add some on top for decoration.

It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and it's yummilicious!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

today kinda sad.
I do miss a pet really.
It was saturday, so even though I had work to do, I decided to go to the farm for lunch with my family to relax a bit.
So I can work on sunday and they won't blame me for working on sunday either.
It was really nice and warm, I bet there were like 20 degree celsius.... so i was always outdoor.
As soon as I open the car door I just flung myself outside Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... and disappear until I smell food cuz it's lunchtime. Like a wild cat.
Maybe I return with a dead fannel in my hand and present it to my mom "woman, make salad!"
My hunting instinct, I got a big one today a male fannel, those long and sweet ones that hide underground... but i saw it... it was huge and I went... "i'll make good use of you, thank you for looking so great"... also there were plenty of wild asparaguses.... they die so well in a frittata!
My father puts a bit of provoletta in it too.... mhhhhhhh!
So that was our lunch, asparagus frittata, fannel salad with corn and our olives, and fresh bread home delivered by the bakers... who goes around the countryside with his truck selling bread.
I didn't bring my camera but the today totally would have called for... cuz my dad, after lunch took the lamborghini for a ride... now the lamborghini is a beautiful, white... tractor.
She clean the field were we grow our veggies cuz while we were all sick here... the 3 of us, all with fever and cough.... the jungle was growing between our fava beans and the cabbages....
After he cleaned the whol thing... so neat and precise.... we got coffee and all these dogs starteg coming.
One of them is Zagor, my cousin's dog... the stupidest thing on Earth LOL, so funny... he comes and tackles me like a rugby player "miiiiine, the gal who plays with me and feed me dog foood!"
I bet he eats dried bread all the time....
anyway... these other two dogs showed up as well. One of them I call Dora, cuz she looks like a Dora... the other one is this little black, fuzzy bastard.... he is only after the gal and you can see it... while Dora is starving and is totally after food.
I want to grab her and bathe her and clean her wounds and take the tics off of her ear... but she doesn't like to be touched.
In the meantime the little black fuzzy bastard is growling...
excuse you, this is my place you get the heck outta here and don't growl at me because i am being nice to your lady friend.
Then zagor arrives... and he pees, pee-mail says "this is my territory"
he starts peeing closer and closer to the little thing, who still growls at him... and I keep calling him "zagor get away, he's gonna byte you, it's not worth it... "
but then he ends up peeing like one centimeter away from the doggie like "hullo, I want you to know that your territory is limited to your vitals space"
then i say "first of all, this is MY territory... you get it? My farm... my trees... my yard.... my territory... but I don't go peeing all over you and all over your things... second of all you are wagging your tail at him, that is really not convincing!"
Nevertheless zagor is dumb and ignores me... the little thing is still growling and so I decide to kick him off the land... takes a while it's 100 acres... dammit!! but you know... yougo growl back home don't come here were little rascals come for food and fun, not for fighting.

In the end I think Zagor is the funniest thing on Earth... I wish I could touch Dora and make her my farm's dog.. to keep weird animals away... but she is a girl... bound to get tons of puppies.... and I don't think my dad is up to a trip to a vet for a dog we are not sure is going to stick around....
still..... I wish I had a doggie... I see these beasts (XDD) only once a week and i truly become one of them... running around like crazy and jumping through the fields yelling at them LOL....
I want a doggie.
I really want a doggie.... After Ernst and Woofie... it's really hard to live in a house with no yard... no pets... surrounded by houses....

wish i could move to my farm house....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

How to plant a tree.

buy the tree and put it in the trunk.

find a nice place for it.

with nice, pretty flowers....

and no weird looking mushrooms!!!

wear mickey mouse/michael jackson's looking glowes....

have your father dig the hole... XD

while you look for rocks... to put in the hole
your father dug for you... with your pretty white gloves...

and after placing (always the father of course) the tree in the hole and put the dirt back....

and ta-daaan! Here's your olive tree! (we planted 5 of them, plus a chestnut tree and a shiro plum tree... the almond tree is on its way)