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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

certain things.... never change! ^____^

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sky above me.

this is the view from our conference room.
I actually get to see my fave bldg in the city
from up close: it looks like a giant lipstick.

Unfortunately only 3 offices have a view and
I currently have no window, no view.

I miss the old office.

the sky was bluer, and even when it rained it
looked bright outside.

the old building was taller too. So everything seen from up there looked like a model to scale.

Market street is interesting, from far away the
Marriott hotel would glimmer in the sun.
even on rainy days like this one.

the sky above california street, towards nob hill, was also much more interesting. Although from my boss' office now you see the Bay Bridge... the
space between buildings had a more elegant look

and this was the view from my office, cuz yeah, I used
to have a view... turn around and see the sky....

so the sky above me looks a little less blue, but this must also be because it has been raining for over two months and I am lucky enough if I saw 2 days of sun in a raw in the month of March.
look at woofie fight with the evil ball

Look at that sake flyyyyy!

here comes the boooooat!

here goes the buuuuutt! ;3
Jrock car on Sakura matsuri day....

And taiko drums.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

bohooo how sad, the tiko set and one of the ashita no joe were no longer available...
I shall look for them at animexpo and see if I am lucky there.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

since I was in a shopping spreee.... more than required was purchased....

and of course.... these magical ghirls followed for some reason....

and then I got this one too... but just cuz... ireally wanted Tiko (the killer whale)

then somehow I stumbled in the first Saint Seya set that I've actually ever considered good...
and I thought I was buying Ashita no Nadja but somehow in the process I got lost....

Ended up clicking on this fella instead... and added him to my shopping cart although I do hate
busts... but what the heck it was Akira Fudo....

I guess nadja will have to wait... unless I go insane and get that 90 bucks samurai 7 set that will make her wait even longer....
and since I wasn't happy enough.... I got even more stuff.... like the best cutey honey set ever....

because Deda was not supposed to spend anymore money today... she went ahead and bought more toys. Bad... bad deda.....

so here we have 2 more Ashita no Joe sets..... yeah.... there's still one missing but I will get it someday.... ghghghghghghgh

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You had to see this coming...
Woofie's now 12.... and he got a
cookie too.
it took him 10 days to finish the whole

fyi these are sugar cookies.
Valentine presente from our bosses... and thank you message (for another occasion)

Meglio tardi che mai.
Deda's b-day pic....
(Diana, Tacchan, Deda, Ace -
aka Jack Sparrow, Oliver,
Woofie, Nat and Kevin)
and this is only 1/3 of my collection....
Rocky Beba

This baby rocks... but at heart, she is punk.
When her bother upsets her she yells at him:
Daduuuuu! (the Lord knows that's not his name)

See? I told you
she is a punk!
Judo Boy!!!

So my sis says to my nephew:
you know Deda is coming to visit

And Judo boy replies: cool... wait...
what language does she speak now?
my sister says: she speaks italian and
english so you can speak english to her.
and he replies: okay ... one... two... three

(my nephew only knows how to count and say yes!)

mia sorella dice a mio nipote: sai che Deda viene a trovarti?
risponde: bene, ma che lingua parla deda?
e mia sorella dice: italiano ed inglese, cosi' le puoi parlare
in inglese se vuoi.
risponde il nipote: okay, one, two, three, four... five...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my sushi eating bishies.... ^____^

Kirihito.... versione delcourt.... che confezione spettacolare... che manga incredibile... un must per i veri fans di tezuka.
ushio to tora

this set came from Hong kong.
kotobukiya's set always sell out before they even come out.
it was hard to get ahold of the ushio and tora set.
if you don't know what ushio and tora is all about... you are missing out on one of the best shounen manga ever... better than naruto, if you ask me....<_____<
ushio to tora

them! muahahaha and guess what? the secret figure of the set is the fantastic Hyo... I was thrilled when I opened the box
Ushio to tora

for real as in... the two of them... so best characteristic of this
set is... Ushio has replacement hads and you can pin him either on the giant worm thingy either on tora...
bad pics, I know....
garasu no kamen

My precioussss preciousss.... here's some details of the bust of the two queens... Ardis is such a cutie... "lastoniaaa watashi no kuniiii" LOL I could go on for ever on glass mask.
This story gabbed my heart in 1983 and since then I have never been able to stop thinking about it... now up until a few weeks ago there was always something to keep me running... the ongoing manga, the chapter that came in the magazine after the mangaka started slowing down (curse you suzue miuchi are you working on this thing's ending?).... the new anime.
well it's all over now. Unless volume 43 comes out soon I have nothing else to do but stare at my precious set.
the camera loves him

It was not my intention to focus on masumisama... the camer did it on its own.... hehehehehe... but oh well, I think masumisama looks a bit like gacchan here hahahahha...
deda needs to eat lunch I think... O___O

Woah calm down sensei... no wonder you get a heart attack every 16 pages O_O

Just so you know... Mayachan is bleeding from her mouth here... isn't that a nice detail? LOL (click to enlarge the picture ------------->)
the garakame set

alright story of this set. It was really hard to get. On ebay? most impossible prices so I got two sets from a japanese store who sent it to my friend's house in Japan and his mom sent it to me and i sent her chocolate to thank her.
In short I paid (chocolate and shipping fee included) for two sets as much as they would charge me for half a set on ebay.
The other set went to my friend as a present for she sent me something like 90 euros in manga material out on a whim... woah! that's the least I could do to thank her.
This set has a secret figure that consists in the Masumi Hayami figures with purple roses in his hand... but it's the same figure... just with roses...
what the heck....
Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku was a very sweet and funny manga/anime.
I used to watch it when I was in university right after lunch, before studying.
I have to say this set is not very nicely done... unlike most of the ones I have.... who are airbrushed and have perfect mold... this almost seems a product for perverted otakus (you can peek up the girls' skirt and they have white panties LOL XD).
Kyoko's broom... I cannot get it to straighten up... but then again after seeing how the other girl leans on godai maybe she is bending it out of rage LOL.
my favorite pieces are Sochiro, Yotsuya, and akemi.... ichinose dancing is hilarious too.

I will never finish this set and besides it's quite problematic... comes in 3 colors so it's a huge 21 pieces risky thing to get (trading figures, you never know what you get) plus the special figures comes out bits and pieces hiding with the other ones... O_O and so I got a half a goku...
Honesly I wanted the pervy looking muten sensei who talks to the mermaid, so i was quite lucky, bought two dragon balls and got a bronze (crappy) one and the one I wanted... plus pieces of goku in his wedding dress... these dragon balls things are no onger available or I would have tried my luck for the Piccolo figure.

p.s. you can see the little house (kame house) and small palms in the bg.... and isn't Muten's pervy expression just precious? LOL
hakushi daimahou

Mago pancion etci' in Italian... I only miss one piece of this set and thanks to my dear friend Gnoma I might get my hands on it pretty soon.
this cartoon aired when I was very young, I don't quite remember it well, I just remember I used to laugh my ass off at every single episode... whas somewhat similar to a doraemon kind of thing...
anyway the set looked gorgeous and I started collecting the piece... even cheated peeking in the boxes to find all the pieces LOL
Captain Harlock

After the spaceship... the man himself... could a pirate be any more hot than this? droooooool

better pic of the DB mecha.