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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sky above me.

this is the view from our conference room.
I actually get to see my fave bldg in the city
from up close: it looks like a giant lipstick.

Unfortunately only 3 offices have a view and
I currently have no window, no view.

I miss the old office.

the sky was bluer, and even when it rained it
looked bright outside.

the old building was taller too. So everything seen from up there looked like a model to scale.

Market street is interesting, from far away the
Marriott hotel would glimmer in the sun.
even on rainy days like this one.

the sky above california street, towards nob hill, was also much more interesting. Although from my boss' office now you see the Bay Bridge... the
space between buildings had a more elegant look

and this was the view from my office, cuz yeah, I used
to have a view... turn around and see the sky....

so the sky above me looks a little less blue, but this must also be because it has been raining for over two months and I am lucky enough if I saw 2 days of sun in a raw in the month of March.

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