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Saturday, January 13, 2007

reparto collectibles,
film, gasha e pinki (lato sinistro)

collectibles, pinky, gasha,
e film. (lato destro)

reparto seinen, volumi unici, go nagai,
shounen manga, shoujo classici, e gashapon vari.

reparto shoujo....
scolastici, smut, per bambine,
o 0-16.

più reparto yaoi shounen ai.

reparto Tezuka,
Ishinomori, Matsumoto,
manga in giapponese,
e Josei.

più gashapon vari.

e io dove dormo?

where do I sleep now?

I cannot take pics of myself
so i asked my parents and it's
a bit out of focus...

anyway, here's the pic with the
t-shirt I got from Vegas....
from my very special friend:


Whom I thank you very much,
I love you and I miss you soooo
sooo much TT___TT

And thank you Merrow, I dunno
what part you had in this but LOL
the two of you I think are partners
in crime! hahahahahahaha

Friday, January 12, 2007

We needed to move the wine of the barrel so we could wash it and ger rid of all the deposit,
In march will have to do the same thing again
as the wine has lots of floating particles and sedimentation and it takes it a long time to get rid of most of them.
So.... this year's wine came out a really nice color,
it's from a Sangiovese type of grape, the same type used for Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino, but mixed with some sweet local grapes... sinche the dirt here is different, has lots of iron... therefore the wine comes out strong and bitter.

I take picture of the nice wine.... Mariotto places the hose so that the
pumo can suck all the wine out....

the wine comes out at great pressure and we decide this is something you cannot do indoor else... you get drunk just from the scent of it.

so out goes the wine...
... all the way
from the barrel to the ouside container,
that we previously washed...

we move it in this nice container
all 250 liters of it...
what a nice color and aroma...
it gets all frothy as it breathes....

I hold the hose moving it around
making sure the wine can breathe.

you can see my very fashionable
farmer's outfit here (Prada herself
asked me to put it on the market)

You can also see... it was very cold!

after washing the barrel from
the wine's deposit (and look how much
it made... some of it was already tossed away
but it was about 25 liter of pink mud), we revert
the process with the pump.

and the wine is now safe....

 farm's canteen!

care to come visit and try some?