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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Was there ever anyone who did not thank people at the Oscar acceptance speech?
I think I might be the first one... If I ever win an Oscar.... I wanna just go up there, make a few names and just go
or actually

People who gave me troubles in the most difficult times of my life, I absolutely don't want them to go around to say they knew me for some reason and be proud of it.

Don't fill your mouth with my name, yoy bastards, all I have to say to you is: XPpPpPpP

hahahahahaha that would be an interesting Oscar acceptance Speech.... well, first, we have to win one huh? ^_^

Monday, March 29, 2004

I wonder a tag works... let me try....
Uhm it doesn't.... I'll leave the link then to the Image I drew for a sentence I wrote in my story called "Neither side story".

I think it's a funny way the main character professes his feelings to the heroine... he basically doesn't tell her what he feels but asks her to choose how to feel. He says:

"There's a subtle separation between happiness and despair. A single word can make the difference. As simple as that: I love you... I love you not! Which one will you choose?"

the girl simply replies: Not... not.

heheheheh Ayah embarrassing... but so hard to write love scenes so I have to come up with something original all the time right?
If tears were the perfect/only solution to problems, we'll all be living under water.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Bonding, not bondage.... hehehehe.

Male bonding or collaboration bondings. People bonds in the weirdest way and for the werdest reasons I think.

Yesterday I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with this guy from a phone/dsl company trying to figure out why my conection stopped working.

See my roomate and I share phone line and dsl, so we got a router. For few days now this router has been working properly, yesteday, all of sudden the little bastard decided to forfait on us.... but, at first, I thought there was something wrong with the modem or my connection, since the router had been working efficiently up to that moment.

I ran my trouble shooter, I turned on and off everything.... I thought maybe the storm screwed everything up. In the end I gave up and called support. So this guys who replied to me was really nice and helpful and we tried everything to fix my problems.

We reset the modem, he checked his computer, I checked mine. He did his troubleshooting I did mine. In the end two of the little light on my modem would just not turn on and he said: it's the connection to your computer not the line itslef.
So I disconnected the router, plugged the computer directly to the modem and he helped me set up new settings and all. After 3 hours on the phone, the internet was working again... and when I said: it conncted (to my great surprise and simay)... we were celebrating as if it were the beginning of a new millenium.

Yeah, we did it, you were great! No you were, you did everything perfectly! No man I could have never have done it without you!!! Oh no biggie really, you followed me perfectly... and sooo throwing complimets at each other and to our great satiscaftion the internet was working and bonding was created.

Now I have to tell my rommate to find a way to fix the router so we can both connect at the same time, cuz I could not figure out how to make the thing work. Bet one vs ten she'll get pissed, will not trust me (although she heard me talk to this guy for 3 hours) and totally ignore the thing (so we'll have a router for nothing) and... more than that she'll probably get revengeful and do something like... unplug my cable to plug her own and not tell me, like she did last night, telling me she needs the internet.... then lay on her bed and go to sleep, with her computer off and the internet not running... while I could have spent the night downloading!

I wonder why.... I cannot create these types of bonding with her.... maybe I just can't deal with paranoia!!! 9___9

Sunday, March 21, 2004

My niece Linda had another epiphany.

We were talking about shampoo and she was stressed about the fact she has to strecht her hair every day.... you know with that hot plate thingy... whatchamacallit.... that one.

So she first complained: why can't we do dry shampoo... like spray dry shampoo (kinda like dogs).
Deda says: that's what I want to know...
Deda says: only dogs can.

and there goes the epiphany.

Linda says: truth is when I was a child. I used to buy Barbie's magazine.... and there I found the recipe to dry clean the hair! But it was the stinkiest thing ever, with eggs, sugar and vinegar as ingredients. When I tried... my mom wanted to shave my head! XD
Deda says: there goes another of your epiphanies....
Linda says: yes yes... lately I have plenty....
Deda says: I've noticed... I must write a book on your ephiphanies
Linda says: one is not enough
Deda says: actually no (but let;s start with one huh) it is the way u express them....
Linda says: ahahahahah
Deda says: every time you start... one wonders... what the heck is she talking about, out of the blue... we were talking about shampoo and there she goes with Barbie's magazine.
Linda says: would you like to know the one I had at the beginning of the week, it was about the first time I was a biatch!
Linda says: So I was playing with my little pony (the toy) with a friend of mine... I was five and I was playing with my favorite pony. All of the sudden, she wanted to play with it and I didn't want her to, so she pulled its tail and pulled it off!>__<
Deda says: nuuuuuuuuuuu (that is noooooo)
Linda says: The first time I went to her house while she was in the bathroom or something like that... I took the Barbie's horsie she just got... scissours... I cut its tail off and made a new one for the pony.
Deda says: hahahahah
Linda says: I put the story in my website too
Deda says: vendetta tremenda vendetta (it's a line from and Opera Rigoletto, it meas Revenge is terrible but it's revenge)
Linda says: (link to her website)

I don't want to say... but if you ever go to her webiste and see her little ponies collection and the incriminating pony of the story... go see the credits: she blames me for starting her on this pony thingy!!!!
I have to write this down, I was told this very cool story and I want to use it for a script (so don't steal it because I know the source!!).

I was exchanging messages with one of my "nephews" and we were talking about what's the craziest thing you ever did for love... so he told the conversation went like this:

"To hide a Xmas gift next to the door of the girl I liked in high school, I was caught by her mother while I was hang on the gate to theur garden and i was trying to sneak in like a thief. Ah, her mother was my Ancient Greek (the language) teacher.
So I got off the gate, with my best smile on my face (and I really wanted to dig up a hole and hide myself in it), I asked her and her husband: could you give this to your daughter? Then I said goodnight and ran away like a hero... cool huh?"

Comments were: did you run away shouting "to infinity and beyound"?
the reply was: yeah in Greek!

A note, if you are in classical studies high school you will leanr both ancient Greek and Latin. Usually the Greek and Lating teacher are the same person... and usually... they are the student's worse nightmare.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Long time no write, neh!

Today was my last day of my Japanese class. It was fun, so enrolled for next semester too.
When the sensei asked us what we enjoyed most about the class I thought about what brought me there.

Long time ago when I was a kid I had a thing for Asia. When I was five we saw Seven Samurai... I remember my grandma expressing doubts about the movie... she kept repeating: it will get complicated soon... (it does not really... it's a pretty straightforward movie to me...).
I loved it... especially Toshiro Mifune running around in underpants... it was freaking awesome (there too my grandma expressed her concern, chuckling: he runs with his ass in "plein air"!)

1) Although I never liked barbie (I started collecting them when I moved to this new hous where all my neighbours were girls and I had to adapt) I had a Chinese babrbie... who I called Xiao Ling. (dun ask me how I came up with the name... it was totally made up).
2) Whenever we watched American movies... I was the one rooting for Toshiro Mifune.
3) I kept reading books of Chinese fairy tales.
4) I loved the music from the movie Furyo.
5) Turandot was my favourite Opera.
6) I could not help but watch kung fu Movies.... I totally loved Bruce lee.

When I was 8 I went to Rome, it was one of my first time, and I saw a Japanese girl on the train. Her skin was so fair and her eyes were so long I got so impressed and turn to my mom to say: yay they exist, they are not made up for movies... soooo pretty!!!!

When I was in high school, Bertolucci had the very good idea of making a movie called: The Last Emperor. It was love at first sight.... the movie was stunning... the music was Ryuichi Sakamoto's. I watched it over and over again... and when we went to watch it with school, i was so entusiastic about I advertised it soooo much (by then I was going to watch it for the 4th time!).... that, afterwards I was teased for weeks: say deda can u do that dance thingy.... say deda can you singe that song thingy... say deda... do you bathe like that?
Apparently my classmate did not appreciate it and blamed me for it!!!

Japanese anime were importet and aired on tv already in the early Seventies... Giant robots and candy candy contributed a lot to my attachment to Asia.

In 1991 I studied history of film and watched all of Kurosawa's movies. At the same time I took an interest in Chinese movies and Zhang Yimou.

In 1993 I found a comicbookstore and saw Dragon Ball on the table... I am not a big fan of the whole serie, but the first part I really liked. That's when I started collecting manga and anime.
In 1998 I moved to France and bought more, in 1999 I moved to the states and got attached to the internet....

I made my first Asian friends in Florida.... and many of my friends in San Francisco are Asian Americans... once I was asked to represent a white minority at a studio, as a part time job, they asked me if I knew another caucasian person I could invite... and I could not think of anyone. I think I have 3, only 3 caucasian friends.

So within a few years my gravitation towards Asian culture was aggravated by my friendship with Grace (my best friend is Chinese from Singapore) who got me started on music, more movies, tv shows and so forth. I got her started on anime, manga, and of course we both share a visceral love for Studio Ghibli and Satoshi Kon.

So in these past 3 years, actually almost 4, that I spent in San Francisco I turned... more and more... into an egg.
Well, hopefully my friends say this about me in a nice way.... but still cannot deny that sometimes my parents connect thorugh messenger, hook up the webcam and catch me eating natto with my chopsticks!!!! heheheheh So eeer.... studying Japanese was the next step.

So when my teacher asked today.... my brain connected to the first memory I have of Asia... and my reply was: I'd have to say... because... when I was five... I saw seven samurai.

I think I will miss Omi sensei, he is awesome, and thaught us a lot about culture and gestures and what is to be like to be attentive and caring and respectful. I hope I will have fun again in my next class.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Since this is a log, beg your forgiveness, I need to log in some stuff...
I registered at the copyright assosiation and with the wga my latest script .

The script was at first 13 pages long, which I did as a homework for my screenwriting 1 class. As it often happens to me, Sometimes when I get an idea I'll write it down in short form... but I feel like I need time to have the thing sit in me and then one day I'll get like enlightened and I find out the missing link... or the one idea that could solve the story completely.

So I felt that for this one story, about, smells and scents, and memories and how some people envisions things.
In time I figured out the solusion was in the vision, the perspective about things and I made it into an 89 pages script. I am pretty happy about it but now that it is registered I am going to send the script around to my friends for some feedback.

There are still a few things that make sense to me cuz I am inside the story, I need to know what someone who reads the story for the first time sees it.

The title is... I'll put it in italian... IL NASO.

it's a thing and a job description too.