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Friday, February 27, 2004

My dear future employers, these are my

"Employement Characteristic."

My friend send me a link to a website that calculates your employement characteristic through numerology.... so I was reading it and I thought: Wow if it wasn't me I would hire this person!!! So these are the fun results... of the little test.

They just make me wanna ask: Don't you just wanna to hire me or marry me on the spot?

Natal Year number: 9
A cheerful soul, Deborha is an attractive individual whose humour and charm can inspire others to follow her ideas. Although her active brain can generate many bright ideas, she cannot be guaranteed to finish one idea before starting on the next. Although money tends to burn a hole in her pocket, Deborha will always maintain the impression that all is well.

Ahem... this is saying way too much... alright I spend a lot... and I am not constant... but if something is due is due and I always end what I begi........

Natal Month number: 7
Deborha is a good communicator and enjoys discussion, but she will avoid stressful situations and arguments. She is a fund of new ideas that spill from her active brain with great rapidity, but her business dealings will always be constrained by her desire to be liked. She therefore lacks those long-term goals that would bring her prosperity.

but you like me... you all like me... don't you? DON"T YOU?

Natal House number: 7
Life is likely to provide Deborha with many different challenges, but in the end she will overcome the difficulties and make solid progress. She is prone to talk about subjects on which she has little knowledge, but her communication skills are such that she can be quite persuasive. She needs to focus on her long-term objectives.

No no long term objective I have figured out... (I have my life planned till I will turn 90...) but you see... it is the hows that I haven't figured out yet. I mean, I know I wanna take over the World, but I need a good plan!!!! Oh well, I need to focus... focus... focus...

Although Deborha may be reasonably talkative in public, she finds it difficult to express personal feelings to those closest to her. In employment terms, this inhibition is of little consequence.

See that? O flittle consequences... if I hate you... I won't tell you!!!... if I love you I won't tell you either... muahahahah!

Sensitive to criticism and naturally intuitive, Deborha has a natural ability to detect insincerity in others. Because she is a sensitive soul, Deborha can be a solid friend and a good listener. As a result, she will get on well with colleagues, whilst being more than capable of handling office politics.

Don't lie to me... I will know... Your nose will grow long and you legs will go short... lies have short legs. (now I feel like the blue fairy from Pinocchio) O_o

With a creative mind and a good memory, Deborha is honest, straightforward and optimistic. She will achieve her aims. She is capable of creative thought, and will appreciate art and music. She also enjoys an excellent memory - a significant advantage in any employment.

I would like to underline the last one!!! Thank you... thank you very much!

A practical individual, Deborha is a neat and tidy craftsman who can organise others to achieve her plans. She should use those practical skills and organisational ability in an office management, or secretarial function, or by applying such skills to self-employment. In general, Deborha is a neat and tidy individual - qualities of value to many different jobs.

that doesn't mean you can put me to do everybody's job... but everyone's job is fine.... although... I have a tendency of getting exploited.... hey!!! Dun take advantage!!!!

Deborha will find life's lessons hard to learn. She will suffer from loss (of possessions or those she loves) before questioning the cause of that loss. It is likely that Deborha will develop a faith of some sort, and although it need not necessarily be a religious faith, it will nevertheless be something that she holds onto against all the evidence. Potential employers need to find out what that faith entails.

I'll be honest... I believe in Dedaism.

Enjoying high intelligence, Deborha is inclined to look down on those who are not as intelligent as she. Hence she does not mix well with society in general, and in particular with different social strata. Yet Deborha is very ambitious to improve her lot, and will constantly strive for a better standard of living. She also possesses strong humanitarian ideals that may find expression in charitable work.

You inferior beings.... how dare you.... errrr.... no no poor thing don't cry!

Although less interested in the detail, Deborha is a well-organised individual who plans ahead. If she absorbs knowledge through study, she will achieve great success, quite possibly in an artistic field. The essence however of this combination is her desire to plan, and to organise herself to achieve her goals.

As I previously mention... I will take over the world.

Good with her hands, Deborha is a natural craftsman who will work for as long as it takes to secure a perfect result. Capable and practical, she gets on well with others at all levels of society. If Deborha does not pursue a practical trade, it will be important to develop a subsidiary practical interest to complement her main employment.

I addition to that I would like to say: I KNOW HOW TO COOK... I am a really good cook.

Of course there's still to considere my good looks and my winning personality. (they are always a plus).. and the fact that I make good coffee.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I am so lucky my friends have such interesting personalities... they turn their life in somthing to talk about... ergo ... a story.

I always wondered: what was so mysterious or incredibly fascinating that brought me to like stories?

I think in storytelling there are two main things: great stories and great storytellers.

In the first case the story survives its creator and becomes something that belongs to everyone: like myths and legends.
In the second case the creator was so good that transformed something very banal in something worth telling over and over.

I like the second case a lot. For Example if I say Homer everybody thinks Iliad and Odissey (well, somebody thinks The Simpsons) right away. This association is what I like the best... if we consider how entertaining his stories were... well, yes they were pretty nice, but not different from many other stories.
Take the war of Troy for example, which is maybe a prototype to a soap opera, where an unfaitful woman runs away form her husband with a younger man... and that causes a major war.
Well, the whole war lasts 10 years during which we have betrayal, loylaty, love and passion, heroes and cowards...
but deep down the key to this story might be Achillis and his behaviour the fact that his death and the death of Hecotr might have ended the war... and how capricious the King fo the Mirmidoni is. Achillis, okay... a hero? I dunno he cannot be killed so there's nothing heroic in going to battle and kill people if you don't put anything at stake.
Was in love with Patroclus, was in love with Briseide or Cassandra... maybe he was just horny all the time?
and what's with Polissena. She sees him choke her twin brother Troilo (well actually, crash his chest during an attempted rape) and what she does... she plans revenge... she wants to marry him and discovers his weak point.... and as an excuse for her wanting to be hisi wife is the fact... : she got fascinated by the passion he embraced Troilo with. (and he believes that?)
Supposedly Helen too, after Paris dies, gets married with his brother Deiphobo like... tow hours after the funerals?

If this isn't a soap opera kind of story... then tell me, what is it?
It's an ephic... but why is it?
Because Homer told it the right way...
there a big difference in saying:

"So these is the story of these acheian guys and this dude called Achillis who was always might pissed!"

"cantami o diva del pelide Achille l'ira funesta che infiniti addusse lutti agli achei"

(sing me, oh diva, of Achillis son of Peleis and his sad/funereal rage that so many mournigs caused to the acheians)

Now you must agree with me: words sing in the mouth of this Homer fella.... ^_^

and Since the narrator, a good narrator, is the think that makes the story good... or better... I am guessing... if those guys in Hollywood don't make the word sing.... my guess is Troy will flop or totally be a brain farth!

dedasaur: wah jeremy
dedasaur: the funniest thing happened to me today
jrmyntvdd: what?
*** Auto-response sent to jrmyntvdd: I am currently away from the computer.
jrmyntvdd: what?
dedasaur: wahahahaha
dedasaur: so you know we have a guest here, now...
dedasaur: and we cannot duplicate the keys to our gate
jrmyntvdd: yah
jrmyntvdd: yeah
dedasaur: so she takes the chordless with her and she buzzes
dedasaur: the apt and then opens the door form outside with the phone
jrmyntvdd: hahaha sweet!
dedasaur: so I was on the phone with MCI cuz they are billing me for my old phone line
dedasaur: and they are wrong and I want my money back... and I am talking to this lady who sounds pretty pisssed
dedasaur: and I cannot understand what she says, cuz I think she is black and I cannot understand what she says... T__T... and I am gettin frustrated
dedasaur: and all of suddent i hear... bzzzz bee beep beeeeeep
dedasaur: and then Ha Jin's voice: dedaaaaaaaaaa open the dooooor!
jrmyntvdd: lol
dedasaur: and I can't cuz I am on the phone so I cannot dial # 9
dedasaur: so I tell her: I am on the phone and cannot hang up.... don't ring no more... your sister is coming for you.
dedasaur: but she keeps yelling: dedaaaaaaaaa pleaaaaaaaaaase open the door open the door.
dedasaur: so I am like: stop that you sis is coming to open... hang up!!!
dedasaur: and the lady on the phone all panicked: what is that! what's going on!
dedasaur: and I say: scuse me hold on is my rommate Ihave to open the gate
dedasaur: and the lady all stupid says: ia hear voices I head a voice...
jrmyntvdd: lol
dedasaur: so I say: good you are the new Joan of Arc
dedasaur: so I get pissed and hang up...
jrmyntvdd: oh man. you are fucked up
dedasaur: and I am thinking by now Ho Jin is downstairs...
dedasaur: so I dial mci number again and I begin to talk with another operator....
dedasaur: and all of a sudden I hear bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz beee beep beeeeep
dedasaur: and it's
dedasaur: the sister now... hahahahahaha (she did not carry the keys with her!)
jrmyntvdd: hahaha
jrmyntvdd: okay that is a good story
dedasaur: so with the other operator online... i just shout: wtf, girl ...
dedasaur: I told you to open the gate not to get locked outside
jrmyntvdd: bwhaahahahaaha
dedasaur: and the operator is all like: beg you pardon?
dedasaur: so I hang up again and open the door
jrmyntvdd: that's awesome
dedasaur: and when they get upstaris I am rotfl
jrmyntvdd: that's brilliant
dedasaur: and the girl runs to the bathroom with the phone
dedasaur: so she was in a rush cuz she needed to peee....
dedasaur: and then I was like: man, if when we are on the phone someone rings the apt number at the intercom we are fucked up
dedasaur: and the sister says: eh?
dedasaur: and I am like: yeah... they cut in the conversation...
dedasaur: and she is like: no no... she was talking to you through the phone!!!!
dedasaur: hgahahahahahahahaha
dedasaur: that's why I could hear her on the phone!!! hahahahahaha
jrmyntvdd: hahahaahhha
jrmyntvdd: that story is awesome!!!!
jrmyntvdd: make a short film
dedasaur: it's so so funny and the timing of it all was just like a cartoon
dedasaur: hahahahaha

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My friend Linda, the other day, just out of the blue messaged me on msn this message:

"prima ho avuto una specie di epifania...
ero sotto la doccia
e mi è venuto in mente il moento
in cui studiare ha iniziato a non piacermi +
in 4a sup"

"Just a while ago I kind of had an epiphany...
I was under the shower
and I remember the exact moment
I stop liking studying.
It was during fourth year of high school."

There was such a drama in this revelation I had to laugh. She then explained to me the cause of her disliking, like... this very evil Math teacher who lived to torture her students...

Still the way she introduced the topic was mighty phenomenal!

I think I am having a good week! ^_^

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Wow I am so happy... lately everybody is sending me such cool messages and I have so many interesting conversation that.... I fall in love with writing and language over and over again.

My best friend Grace just described her busy week like this:

saw a trapped bird.. thiking of wat i can do to help free it..
saw a caterpillar.. it grew bigger... crawling across my path...
same one last week... except it grew bigger...

It is fantastic... she is so taken by her work... but the only things worth talking about were these little moments where her eyes moved away to non-job realted things.
ooooh... suche a cool microstory!

My friend and I in the dedasaur group were talking about what kind of things we like to read... so Amelie Nothomb shows up in our lists....
Of course talking about her we talk about her book "Metaphisics of the pipe" really nice, but cynical book, and the story about the Koi comes up. (apparently she hates them but in our group everyone likes this fish).

So in response to one of my messages my friend Valentina wrote a sentence that all in itself was a beautiful micro story... I'll post it in Italian and translate it for you (although it might loose some of its musicality).
So about the koi fishes she wrote:

<< Avevo proposto a papa' di fare un piccolo stagno in giardino per mettercele dentro...
ha detto "si va bene, qui e' La pala,scava!"
Dubito comunque che i gatti le avrebbero lasciate stare!!!^_^""">>

It tanslates into:

I proposed to my father to make a little pond for them, he said " alright, here's the shovel, dig!"
I doubt the cats would have let them be though...

Hehehehehehe... when it comes down to work... cats are a good excuse to avoid it!
I think the story itself is really cute and funny but her conclusion was one of the smartest ever!

Monday, February 09, 2004

I am talking about writing with some of my friends and some of them are very fond of writing, like Alessia for example, she wants to be a writer. So I offered her to teach her that very little I know about writings and the things I learned in the 3 writing classes I have taken in College.

We were trying to come up with fun excercises and I told her to write microstories. A story that can be told in one sentence and still be a story. I don't rember where I read this nice micro story from Hemingway that said something like: In this store, for sale, used children shoes.

To me that story said a lot. So I came up with a couple of microstories myself. Something like:

- Please slide the mail for Jane Halls under the door, lost the key to the mailbox, getting it replaced.

- The manager said someone had been throwing up from his appartment window onto the patio but I saw nothing.

- Deda desperately seeks for job now.

this last one was... make up a story with six words... hehehehehe... kinda funny... or maybe not.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Since I recently realized I need to learn patience... I am finding myself more and more noticing things about patience itself.

I read this:

Life is like a long road to be covered carrying a very heavy burden: one must not rush.

If one considers normal the absence of freedom, there will not be complaints.

Being patient is the foundation to an everlasting peace. Rage is our worst enemy.

Knowing victory without knowing the meaning of defeat will not bring us but damage.

This words were written by Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa dinasty of shoguns who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I wrote a story in the summer of 2000 for my Compelling for Communication class (as if I needed to be compelled to communicate... people can't get me to shut up! ^_^).
I had to use the words: prince, brick, egg. I had to choose a theme: I chose coincidence.

I wrote this story because I am afraid of sharks and somehow I was trying to exorcise the fear... so I researched sharks and fishes and put a little bit of knowledge in this. So in the end this story became and educational fable about friendship and dreams.

I often write about dreams, pirates, angels and soldiers... but this lead me to write a whole other story the following fall.
For now... this is:

Brick and Remoura*

“I don’t want to be like them!” sighed Brick. “I don’t want be part of the flock, swimming around with my mouth open… looking for my prey all day long!”
“Brick… you are a shark!” Answered Remoura, the little shark sucker.
They sat at the bottom of the Ocean, together, speechless. Both lost in the quiet of the water, till a sound traveled four time faster to tell their ears that something was moving closer and closer. Splash after splash, the shark and his sucker could hear a victim, approaching. They looked up, at the surface, and spotted a seal.
“Yummie, dinner is served!” smiled Remoura. “I loooove seal!”
“It’s not a seal…” sighed Brick. “It’s a human.”
“Those are good…”
“Gross… sharks don’t eat humans!”
“But they bite them….”
“Yak, then run away because of the smell!” the shark shook his head. “I’m not that hungry.”
Remoura thought about it: humans were pretty bad smelling creatures. To bite them and then to inhale their stinking odor would have left any shark without appetite for days. He didn’t want his shark to starve for days… he lived on the fact that he fed and needed to be cleaned.
“You are so smart, Brick, how did you know it wasn’t a seal?”
“I happen to think…”
“Gosh, I had to hang out with a smart shark!” blubbered, disappointed, Remoura.
“Oh, shut up, you are such an egg!” said Brick.
The shark swam around, more or less in the same spot, for a couple of hours then stopped at the sight of a beautiful sea grass field. He was hypnotized by the movement of the marine prairie and the light of the sun was so iridescent and happy looking. He smiled with all his teeth, front, middle and bottom lane.
“Hey!” said Remoura. “Did you fall asleep? We are looking for food!”
“Asleep? What’s that?” asked the shark.
“You know when you stop and rest and dream…”
“Do I have to close my eyelids?”
“What eyelids?” frowned the sucker.
“You know the white things I use to cover my eyes with, when I bite…”
“I don’t know… I don’t have those…” Remoura was new at his job. Brick was very young, he was the son of the King of the Sharks and was alone, in the submerged world, for the first time… all by himself. So was him, Remoura.
His dad used to work on the King and said it was a family duty to go from a King to another one and it had been like this for generations in their family of shark suckers. So he took the job, not that he didn’t like it, but the King’s body was quite a big place to grow up on and Brick wasn’t even half his size. Cozy but average.
“How comes you don’t know how to sleep?” the sucker was curious.
“I guess sharks don’t sleep…”
“No wonder you are so aggressive… I would be a beast if I couldn’t sleep my fourteen hours at day!”
“It sounds fun!”
“Well it can be fun… if you have pleasant dreams!”
“Maybe you should teach me one day…”
Remoura was surprised at first, then pleased by the idea… of bossing around a prince. After all, nobody ever asked his opinion and this young shark was very much into the mood for a good conversation all the time.
“Do you think I can eat that?” Brick asked all of a sudden.
“What? The grass?” Remoura was astonished. “Why?”
“I feel like eating it.” He shrugged his shoulder. “Lately I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable with the taste of blood.”
“I don’t like the sound of that word… whatever it means.”
“It means it tastes funny!”
“Hey… you didn’t turn to be like one of those others… did you?” burst out the sucker.
“Others? What others? There’s others like me?”
Remoura didn’t answer.
“Well… I think it’s a legend… but my father said… that… there’s a whole bunch of grass eating sharks… and they live up North!”
“North!” Brick’s eyes shone of happiness.
“I wouldn’t go there, if I were you… it’s freezing cold up there!”
“But I must go, Remoura, I must go and find them… I thought I was the only one! I thought I was alone…” the shark lowered his head. “When you are one of a kind… it’s black loneliness and loneliness it’s like… not living at all.”
“Nonsense… Here’s another human… give it a shot… they might stinks but they are tender… there, white meat is the lightest!” the fish tried to put some sense back into his shark’s head.
“Remoura, we are going North!”
The shark sucker detached himself from his companion.
“Listen, pal, what makes you think I’m coming with you to freeze my fishy ass up there?"
“I thought we were friends!”
“I’m a parasite. I feed myself with your leftovers… you eat, I clean you. You protect me, I clean you… that’s the deal… you’ll never make it!”
Brick sighed.
“Life belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams… I shall go now… fare you well!” the shark left, in silence, following his instinct. He seemed to be sure that the whole universe would conspire to help him find his own way… in his own way. He bit the sea grass… chewed it and found it tasty. He cried for joy and didn’t turn back.
Life is funny, it turns the worst carnivore into a vegetarian in no time.
Remoura circled around for a while. He stared at the grass. He stared at the human swimming on the surface of the Ocean. Then he saw his friend getting farther and farther. He didn’t look like no prince, in that very moment. He didn’t look anything like a royalty. He just looked crazy.
All of a sudden he saw a big shark swimming over his head and smiled, his little fishy smile.
“Hello!” he said introducing himself. “My name is Remoura.”
“My name is Jade.” Said the other shark. “Say… are you unemployed at the moment?”
“I just happened to loose my shark.”
“Despicable accident… a fisherman?”
“No, sea grass…”
The other one didn’t understand.
“Jade… how do you feel about the taste of blood? Do you like it?”
“Sure.” He replied. “I can smell it from twelve miles away... if not more.”
“How about swimming with the mouth opened all the time, chasing your preys…”
“That’s what I do!” answered the vain shark.
“What about humans…”
“Stinky but tasty…” replied the other one. “Are you gonna take the job?”
“Do you sleep?” asked in the end the fish.
“Sleep? That stupid fishes’ activity? It’s such a waste of time!” he opened wide his eyes and looked very very scary. Remoura swimmed backward. Looked at the shark and frowned.
“Maybe he is right!” he thought out loud. “Maybe you all are insane… and he’s found the only reason to live.”
“Are you taking the job, or what?” asked again the shark.
“Sorry…” smiled the fish. “I’m going to be busy for the next fifty or forty years…”
The other one couldn’t understand, again.
“Doing what?”
“Teaching a friend how to dream in the sleep… and learning from him how to dream with my eyes opened!”
“You are a fish… your eyes are always opened…”
“For sure they are now!” he swam away.
The shark maybe thought that that was the weirdest shark sucker he had ever met. He looked at him disappearing into the sea grass, and leaving distorted bubbles behind him.
Life is strange, sometimes, it turns the fishiest parasite into the best of friends… in no time.

Ironically.... the theme of "coincidence" really struck this story... the moment Pixar created Bruce and the other vegetarian sharks. Myabe that's why I dare publish this tale here... I cannot use it ever again (for a commercial purpose at least) since the prettiest idea of it all was already used by someone else and it's not that new anymore.

* the name in Italian of this tale was : a shark without a remoura. In Italian the word remora is both the scientific name of the shark sucker and it means hesitation. Someone who can act without a remora, can do things without hesitations (and scruples too at times). So the title was a game of words.

Deborha Daniele (C) All Rights Reserved 2000.

Who claims to know the stuff you are made of and can perfectly describe the way you are... does not know you.
Who truly knows you will never tell you, you are made like this, they won't need to do that.

The best friends are not the one you choose, but the ones who chose you.

If somebody sees things in a different way from yours, he is probably not wrong.

More than difference of opinions fear the person that shouts at you because his ideas differ from yours.

Only one person will love you more than I do: you.

The worst damages are done with the best of intentions.

Never let anybody tell you how to live your life, those are the ones who where never able to live their own. You... live your own life.