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Friday, February 13, 2004

dedasaur: wah jeremy
dedasaur: the funniest thing happened to me today
jrmyntvdd: what?
*** Auto-response sent to jrmyntvdd: I am currently away from the computer.
jrmyntvdd: what?
dedasaur: wahahahaha
dedasaur: so you know we have a guest here, now...
dedasaur: and we cannot duplicate the keys to our gate
jrmyntvdd: yah
jrmyntvdd: yeah
dedasaur: so she takes the chordless with her and she buzzes
dedasaur: the apt and then opens the door form outside with the phone
jrmyntvdd: hahaha sweet!
dedasaur: so I was on the phone with MCI cuz they are billing me for my old phone line
dedasaur: and they are wrong and I want my money back... and I am talking to this lady who sounds pretty pisssed
dedasaur: and I cannot understand what she says, cuz I think she is black and I cannot understand what she says... T__T... and I am gettin frustrated
dedasaur: and all of suddent i hear... bzzzz bee beep beeeeeep
dedasaur: and then Ha Jin's voice: dedaaaaaaaaaa open the dooooor!
jrmyntvdd: lol
dedasaur: and I can't cuz I am on the phone so I cannot dial # 9
dedasaur: so I tell her: I am on the phone and cannot hang up.... don't ring no more... your sister is coming for you.
dedasaur: but she keeps yelling: dedaaaaaaaaa pleaaaaaaaaaase open the door open the door.
dedasaur: so I am like: stop that you sis is coming to open... hang up!!!
dedasaur: and the lady on the phone all panicked: what is that! what's going on!
dedasaur: and I say: scuse me hold on is my rommate Ihave to open the gate
dedasaur: and the lady all stupid says: ia hear voices I head a voice...
jrmyntvdd: lol
dedasaur: so I say: good you are the new Joan of Arc
dedasaur: so I get pissed and hang up...
jrmyntvdd: oh man. you are fucked up
dedasaur: and I am thinking by now Ho Jin is downstairs...
dedasaur: so I dial mci number again and I begin to talk with another operator....
dedasaur: and all of a sudden I hear bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz beee beep beeeeep
dedasaur: and it's
dedasaur: the sister now... hahahahahaha (she did not carry the keys with her!)
jrmyntvdd: hahaha
jrmyntvdd: okay that is a good story
dedasaur: so with the other operator online... i just shout: wtf, girl ...
dedasaur: I told you to open the gate not to get locked outside
jrmyntvdd: bwhaahahahaaha
dedasaur: and the operator is all like: beg you pardon?
dedasaur: so I hang up again and open the door
jrmyntvdd: that's awesome
dedasaur: and when they get upstaris I am rotfl
jrmyntvdd: that's brilliant
dedasaur: and the girl runs to the bathroom with the phone
dedasaur: so she was in a rush cuz she needed to peee....
dedasaur: and then I was like: man, if when we are on the phone someone rings the apt number at the intercom we are fucked up
dedasaur: and the sister says: eh?
dedasaur: and I am like: yeah... they cut in the conversation...
dedasaur: and she is like: no no... she was talking to you through the phone!!!!
dedasaur: hgahahahahahahahaha
dedasaur: that's why I could hear her on the phone!!! hahahahahaha
jrmyntvdd: hahahaahhha
jrmyntvdd: that story is awesome!!!!
jrmyntvdd: make a short film
dedasaur: it's so so funny and the timing of it all was just like a cartoon
dedasaur: hahahahaha

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