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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My friend Linda, the other day, just out of the blue messaged me on msn this message:

"prima ho avuto una specie di epifania...
ero sotto la doccia
e mi è venuto in mente il moento
in cui studiare ha iniziato a non piacermi +
in 4a sup"

"Just a while ago I kind of had an epiphany...
I was under the shower
and I remember the exact moment
I stop liking studying.
It was during fourth year of high school."

There was such a drama in this revelation I had to laugh. She then explained to me the cause of her disliking, like... this very evil Math teacher who lived to torture her students...

Still the way she introduced the topic was mighty phenomenal!

I think I am having a good week! ^_^

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