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Monday, February 09, 2004

I am talking about writing with some of my friends and some of them are very fond of writing, like Alessia for example, she wants to be a writer. So I offered her to teach her that very little I know about writings and the things I learned in the 3 writing classes I have taken in College.

We were trying to come up with fun excercises and I told her to write microstories. A story that can be told in one sentence and still be a story. I don't rember where I read this nice micro story from Hemingway that said something like: In this store, for sale, used children shoes.

To me that story said a lot. So I came up with a couple of microstories myself. Something like:

- Please slide the mail for Jane Halls under the door, lost the key to the mailbox, getting it replaced.

- The manager said someone had been throwing up from his appartment window onto the patio but I saw nothing.

- Deda desperately seeks for job now.

this last one was... make up a story with six words... hehehehehe... kinda funny... or maybe not.

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