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Thursday, September 09, 2004

~Te form.

itte ikimasu go
magatte magarimasu turn
tomatte tomarimasu stop
toutte tourimasu go through
misete misemasu to show
naratte naraimasu to learn
oshiete oshiemasu to teach
notte norimasu get on
norikaete norikaemasu trasnfer
orite orimasu get off
dete dekimasu get out
kite kimasu come (imasu)
shite shimasu do (imasu)
mite mimasu to see
hanashite hanashimasu talk, speak (shimasu/shite)
kiite kikimasu listen (kimasu/ite)
isoide isogimasu to hurry (gimasu/ite)
itte ikimasu to go
yonde yomimasu read (mimasu/nde)
shinde shinimasu die (nimasu/nde)
asonde asobimasu to play (bimasu/nde)
tatte tachimasu stand (chimasu/tte)
magatte magarimasu turn (rimasu/tte)
katte kaimasu buy (imasu/tte)
nete nemasu sleep (masu/te)
tabete tabemasu eat (masu/te)
okiete okimasu
kaite kakimasu write (kimasu/iite)
nonde nomimasu drink (mimasu/nde)
karite karimasu borrow
haitte hairimasu enter
suwatte suwarimasu sit down
tsukatte tsukaimasu use
sutte suimasu smoke
totte torimasu take a picture

Friday, September 03, 2004

I was coming back home... got off from BART at 10 PM.
On my way up Powell street I hear a group of people singing a cappella.
I turn around just in time to see this group of 8 men get off the cable car singing some old song.
I reminded me of the Music Man.
Although I just had a very tough day, that joy put me in a good mood too.
So I smiled and said to myself: why would I live anywhere else in the world?