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Monday, February 19, 2007

Okay you gonna get a good laugh out of this.
Usually when I am stressed up with work I do not dream of space
invaders, humanflesh eating worms or stuff like that (no, I deam that
when I am on vacation and relaxed LOL) I usually either dream some
crazy adventure with Jack Sparrow (deda are you 13? Nay, I always
dream pirates adventures, jack Sparrow just joined my crew in latest
few years) or Gachan.

Well but last night beat them all, because I dreamt I was Gackt's mom.

Indeed, what the heck.
So I was in a crazy adventure Chronicles of Narnia style, trying to
save the world from en evil Elephant (yes I know U___U" but it's my
dream!)... and as I was trying to avoid a witch who was trying to sell
me muffins, and I don't like muffins so she must have been evil too, a
giant Kimutaku approaches us and I am trying to convince him to join
forces with us.
"With a beam of your smile you'll blind the elephant!" Make sense, right?
So then he replies "I cannot join you because he is having a bad hair day"
and he points at gachan, all sitting in a corner and moping about the
fact he was having a bad hair day.
That is so mean! - I thought - he is already so frustrated about it!
So then I told kimtaku.
"Hold on a second you don't talk like that about my gachan!"
So I went to gachan and pushed his hair back and I started fixing it
like a mom would... all telling him stuff like "here, put this back,
so that everyone can see your eyes, don't cover your face like that,
how can you see with such a long fringe in front of you eyes" and bla
bla... and he was not nagging like "mom, I am 30, I am professional
singer and leave me alone" Nooooo, he was smiling, gave me a pat on
the head and said "you are a good mama".
And in my dream I am all thinking "that didn't quite please me... why?"
in the end the giant kimutaku wants to know what's gachan's special
ability... so I say: sing.
He goes Oooooooooh!
the witche's house collapse ... ergo she was evil after all.
But then I realized that the rumble of the house collapsing was
actually my niece falling off the bed so I woke up and I thought
Damn! A giant Kimutaku and Gachan in one dream?
Why was I his Moooooom! T____T I was touching his hair and all, why
was I his moooom!! T_T

Mah, I don't feel that upset after all... i still had lingering
feelings of his soft hair and his smile and that was pleasant... I
wonder if his mama always bothers him like that and go like "here you
got rice stuck on your face, don't eat like a pig" and all. hahahahaha

oh well back to work now,