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Monday, March 27, 2006

friday is taco bell day!
Emmie asked me to go with her but i was so scared (cuz she crosses the street when the light is still red)
she says she crosse when she has the number still counting down... is that true? No way! I am not so sure about that,
so I asked for reinforcement and amanda and Christian came along too.

today is panini day! I emily going to ask anybody for reinforcemente against me?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

this is the next one I will be taking pictures of. This set, was like Hell!
Hell to put together, Hell to keep together, Hell to understand how to put it together.... Hell.
I also must take picture of my Glass maks set.. cuz it was hard to get.
My darling set of cyborg 009.
my two aralechan set.
my one piece figures.
my beloved black jack and pinoko.

I only have this one... hard to find the rest, I have another full set of Conan tho. pretty cheap looking... it's alright, it was cheap, maybe it's also pirated cuz I cannot Officially find it.
I have to stop here for now but I have lotsa picture to take for sure... LOL.
I love dumbo!

I got this as a b-day present. I love the ravens pushing him from behind. Funny enough that year I got another one, a different one, for my b-day as well. So I got 2 Dumbo's gasha for my b-day, ppl must really know I am a serious Dumbo lover.

I got this set at wondercon. I got a box of 6 and found the full set inside. the two spare ones I gave to my friends, one of which had fallen in love with the blue vehicle. I love toriyama mecha design that is why I got this set.

Tezuka mon amour!

I wish I had better pictures I know they are blurred. the piece to the left, Atom and Denko is very very rare!

I have to say I do love Uran a lot she is so cute, so naughty but so cute.

these sets are estremely well done, probably the best I have. Honestly I think the mold is perfect the construction is perfect, they come together easily, they stay together and the ammount of details is impressive. I have other sets based off of tezuka, I think they are all done by Takara.
they are encased and my very preciuoses.... preciousssssss.

I also have another tezuka set, it's much smaller than this, but it's also older and very rare. I cannot find pictures of it online and I did get the last one in store... so to see it wait for my pics. (hurry dedaaaa take pictures of your toooys)
so these are pics from my current favorite online store, it's called Tokyofantasy they are in Singapore but basically you can ask them for stuff and they will find it for you. Shipping to the Us is cheap, around 10 bucks but they give me great deals, they find what I want and treat me all the time! ^__^
so hurray for Tokyofantasy and may all my toy wishes come true.

p.s. they just found me the majokko set from tohei and are looking for the pierrot majokkos set.

I wish I had all of them but unfortunately I only have five.
thepicture was taken from the website I alwasyshop at. But let's say this post is under construction until I take more pictures of my toys.
Dragon ball - arch I

Yeah I have to say i am a sucker for the first arch of dragon ball, it has something magical about it.
so to me the moment oolong express his wish for panties to the shenron dragon... well it was the perfect climax. LOL
that's why I got this toy.

I don't like corpse bride very much, I think that even Johnny depp's voice was pretty bland. Artistically it's phoenomenal. but it has no story to me and the characters have no appeal. although I like Nightmare Before Xmas more I prefer to buy Corpse bride's toy. When it comes down to appeal, Victor is such a cutie. I think Victoria was very charming character, very Sally-like too.
In the end I bought these two figures although I don't care too much for the movie, just cuz i loved the puppets. Boy were they beautifully done. I mean, three parts mold puppets with breathing mechanism and all of that! And I had never seen so many replacement parts. The design was also marvelous although always brilliant, not at all consistent, the characters felt designed by different artists.

anyways. I just loved these.
I think I will have to take my Ichabod back with me too... I mean, Jack, ichaboad and Victor definitely make the perfect Johnny Depp Toy triad (I have edward's scissorshands somewhere too... but where? O_O)
bohoo emily calls me debbie to piss me off.
Bad bad emmi-chan!

we are coming down to pure love here. Deda loved pirates since she was 5, deda loved Johnny Depp since 1993. When POTC came out I thought it was going to suck. Let's face it, the movie is alright but thank God for Jack Sparrow and so... as I went to visit my dear friend Linda for Xmas she gave me this huge Xmas present and really made my day! I was aghast when I saw it and thought that not even tears could express my joy.
It is gorgeous!
Unfortunately he lives in Italy with my mom (but not for long, wait for me dearie I am coming to pick you up) and he is the first thing I demand to see when we talk via msn messenger.
Yes, cuz jack is my love and my life and I live to hear his 15 sentences among which "why is the ruhm gone?".
Guts and Griffith

It's hard to say why I didn't get the whole set... well maybe not, I just don't like the other monsters... the previous sets were all made out of pretty small figures, I think Berserk deserves monumental.
And so for the time being I got those two nice fellas but I definitely plan on getting more Berserk stuff... hopefully the future sets will be more interesting or I'll switch to action figures.
Hot babes - part III: more uber bishies

yeah so we have Darsch (dark schneider), Hurricane Polymar and Goldrake. Need to say more? don't they speak for themselves? I do believe so.

hot babes - part II: Devilman

would you deny that akira Fudo is such a babe? well I think even in the anime version and with his blue skin he's like the uber- bishie!
For the love of God man, how can blue look so nice on anyone but you!
I love you, you are koo! Ditch miki and come find me.
hot babes - part I: shishiosama

Yeah i got the hots for him, he is so mummy-like, all those sexy bandages and the fire in his eyes. Makoto Shishio is my favorite character from Kenshin... I am not a huge fan or ruroni kenshin (samurai x), but I loved the Kyoto arch and all thanks to Shishio. He was sooo friggin' hot! yeah baby yeah!
lupin the III

this was the most humorous set of Lupin the III I could find. the pieces are rather small but the background are tall so I cannot encase them.
I think these pieces are the one that best represent the character of this series... I just love Jigen.

boy what got me into buying this? it was the emotions.
I barely remember the show and have doubts about getting the manga (they canceled it anyway). I a more of a Captain Harlock fan, yet I have not found a single set that would satisfy me. If the sculpting isn't decent I don't buy it.
but this set is made by very tall figurines and it had lots of emotions in it. Not to mention the mold were perfect and the piece would come together nicely, some of them were really hard to put together though... as some of the attaching points were intertweened behind other attaching points.
Art wise, awesome, mold perfect but technically it wasn't planned so brilliantly.
I still like it very much though but i cannot encase it because Metel is too tall.
minashigo hachi

I first bought the one with hachi and his mom. When I saw it I was moved to tears...
then I went to singapore and i got the rest of the set.
I love the details and the colors of the set. although the mold is not very good and some parts come off very easily and so I ended up putting glue on some of the pieces.

I used to watch this show when I was a kid, all the time. It was sad and cruel.
I developed a huge love for insects back then.
Ashita no joe

ashita no joe I got as a very good deal. I got it when I went to animexpo last summer.


some details.... like the death of joe, the back of rikishi, the interaction between rikishi and joe made me fall in love with the set, that and the fact it's big figurines... I belive around 12 cm in height.
Ashita no Joe is one of my favorite series.

who is Joe yelling at?
of course..... it's rikishi... although he does not seem interested hahahahahaha...
and look how cool the back of Rikishi's in full fighting attire looks.
he was my favorite character, I absolutely loved his attitude and devotion to his believes.

the grass in rikishi's mouth is a very nice touch,
My beloved gashapons

honestly I have a thing for kaneda, no matter how good the full set might look, I bought these before I got into gashapons, toy candies and trading figures for real.
Since then I came a long way, long enough to complete sets of which I only had a few figures... but somehow I never got ahold of the Akira set, I think I am too stuck on my beautiful looking kaneda... we stare at each other lovingly.