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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tezuka mon amour!

I wish I had better pictures I know they are blurred. the piece to the left, Atom and Denko is very very rare!

I have to say I do love Uran a lot she is so cute, so naughty but so cute.

these sets are estremely well done, probably the best I have. Honestly I think the mold is perfect the construction is perfect, they come together easily, they stay together and the ammount of details is impressive. I have other sets based off of tezuka, I think they are all done by Takara.
they are encased and my very preciuoses.... preciousssssss.

I also have another tezuka set, it's much smaller than this, but it's also older and very rare. I cannot find pictures of it online and I did get the last one in store... so to see it wait for my pics. (hurry dedaaaa take pictures of your toooys)
so these are pics from my current favorite online store, it's called Tokyofantasy they are in Singapore but basically you can ask them for stuff and they will find it for you. Shipping to the Us is cheap, around 10 bucks but they give me great deals, they find what I want and treat me all the time! ^__^
so hurray for Tokyofantasy and may all my toy wishes come true.

p.s. they just found me the majokko set from tohei and are looking for the pierrot majokkos set.

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