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Saturday, March 25, 2006


we are coming down to pure love here. Deda loved pirates since she was 5, deda loved Johnny Depp since 1993. When POTC came out I thought it was going to suck. Let's face it, the movie is alright but thank God for Jack Sparrow and so... as I went to visit my dear friend Linda for Xmas she gave me this huge Xmas present and really made my day! I was aghast when I saw it and thought that not even tears could express my joy.
It is gorgeous!
Unfortunately he lives in Italy with my mom (but not for long, wait for me dearie I am coming to pick you up) and he is the first thing I demand to see when we talk via msn messenger.
Yes, cuz jack is my love and my life and I live to hear his 15 sentences among which "why is the ruhm gone?".

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