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Saturday, March 25, 2006

I don't like corpse bride very much, I think that even Johnny depp's voice was pretty bland. Artistically it's phoenomenal. but it has no story to me and the characters have no appeal. although I like Nightmare Before Xmas more I prefer to buy Corpse bride's toy. When it comes down to appeal, Victor is such a cutie. I think Victoria was very charming character, very Sally-like too.
In the end I bought these two figures although I don't care too much for the movie, just cuz i loved the puppets. Boy were they beautifully done. I mean, three parts mold puppets with breathing mechanism and all of that! And I had never seen so many replacement parts. The design was also marvelous although always brilliant, not at all consistent, the characters felt designed by different artists.

anyways. I just loved these.
I think I will have to take my Ichabod back with me too... I mean, Jack, ichaboad and Victor definitely make the perfect Johnny Depp Toy triad (I have edward's scissorshands somewhere too... but where? O_O)

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