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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

ooooh... suche a cool microstory!

My friend and I in the dedasaur group were talking about what kind of things we like to read... so Amelie Nothomb shows up in our lists....
Of course talking about her we talk about her book "Metaphisics of the pipe" really nice, but cynical book, and the story about the Koi comes up. (apparently she hates them but in our group everyone likes this fish).

So in response to one of my messages my friend Valentina wrote a sentence that all in itself was a beautiful micro story... I'll post it in Italian and translate it for you (although it might loose some of its musicality).
So about the koi fishes she wrote:

<< Avevo proposto a papa' di fare un piccolo stagno in giardino per mettercele dentro...
ha detto "si va bene, qui e' La pala,scava!"
Dubito comunque che i gatti le avrebbero lasciate stare!!!^_^""">>

It tanslates into:

I proposed to my father to make a little pond for them, he said " alright, here's the shovel, dig!"
I doubt the cats would have let them be though...

Hehehehehehe... when it comes down to work... cats are a good excuse to avoid it!
I think the story itself is really cute and funny but her conclusion was one of the smartest ever!

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