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Friday, February 27, 2004

My dear future employers, these are my

"Employement Characteristic."

My friend send me a link to a website that calculates your employement characteristic through numerology.... so I was reading it and I thought: Wow if it wasn't me I would hire this person!!! So these are the fun results... of the little test.

They just make me wanna ask: Don't you just wanna to hire me or marry me on the spot?

Natal Year number: 9
A cheerful soul, Deborha is an attractive individual whose humour and charm can inspire others to follow her ideas. Although her active brain can generate many bright ideas, she cannot be guaranteed to finish one idea before starting on the next. Although money tends to burn a hole in her pocket, Deborha will always maintain the impression that all is well.

Ahem... this is saying way too much... alright I spend a lot... and I am not constant... but if something is due is due and I always end what I begi........

Natal Month number: 7
Deborha is a good communicator and enjoys discussion, but she will avoid stressful situations and arguments. She is a fund of new ideas that spill from her active brain with great rapidity, but her business dealings will always be constrained by her desire to be liked. She therefore lacks those long-term goals that would bring her prosperity.

but you like me... you all like me... don't you? DON"T YOU?

Natal House number: 7
Life is likely to provide Deborha with many different challenges, but in the end she will overcome the difficulties and make solid progress. She is prone to talk about subjects on which she has little knowledge, but her communication skills are such that she can be quite persuasive. She needs to focus on her long-term objectives.

No no long term objective I have figured out... (I have my life planned till I will turn 90...) but you see... it is the hows that I haven't figured out yet. I mean, I know I wanna take over the World, but I need a good plan!!!! Oh well, I need to focus... focus... focus...

Although Deborha may be reasonably talkative in public, she finds it difficult to express personal feelings to those closest to her. In employment terms, this inhibition is of little consequence.

See that? O flittle consequences... if I hate you... I won't tell you!!!... if I love you I won't tell you either... muahahahah!

Sensitive to criticism and naturally intuitive, Deborha has a natural ability to detect insincerity in others. Because she is a sensitive soul, Deborha can be a solid friend and a good listener. As a result, she will get on well with colleagues, whilst being more than capable of handling office politics.

Don't lie to me... I will know... Your nose will grow long and you legs will go short... lies have short legs. (now I feel like the blue fairy from Pinocchio) O_o

With a creative mind and a good memory, Deborha is honest, straightforward and optimistic. She will achieve her aims. She is capable of creative thought, and will appreciate art and music. She also enjoys an excellent memory - a significant advantage in any employment.

I would like to underline the last one!!! Thank you... thank you very much!

A practical individual, Deborha is a neat and tidy craftsman who can organise others to achieve her plans. She should use those practical skills and organisational ability in an office management, or secretarial function, or by applying such skills to self-employment. In general, Deborha is a neat and tidy individual - qualities of value to many different jobs.

that doesn't mean you can put me to do everybody's job... but everyone's job is fine.... although... I have a tendency of getting exploited.... hey!!! Dun take advantage!!!!

Deborha will find life's lessons hard to learn. She will suffer from loss (of possessions or those she loves) before questioning the cause of that loss. It is likely that Deborha will develop a faith of some sort, and although it need not necessarily be a religious faith, it will nevertheless be something that she holds onto against all the evidence. Potential employers need to find out what that faith entails.

I'll be honest... I believe in Dedaism.

Enjoying high intelligence, Deborha is inclined to look down on those who are not as intelligent as she. Hence she does not mix well with society in general, and in particular with different social strata. Yet Deborha is very ambitious to improve her lot, and will constantly strive for a better standard of living. She also possesses strong humanitarian ideals that may find expression in charitable work.

You inferior beings.... how dare you.... errrr.... no no poor thing don't cry!

Although less interested in the detail, Deborha is a well-organised individual who plans ahead. If she absorbs knowledge through study, she will achieve great success, quite possibly in an artistic field. The essence however of this combination is her desire to plan, and to organise herself to achieve her goals.

As I previously mention... I will take over the world.

Good with her hands, Deborha is a natural craftsman who will work for as long as it takes to secure a perfect result. Capable and practical, she gets on well with others at all levels of society. If Deborha does not pursue a practical trade, it will be important to develop a subsidiary practical interest to complement her main employment.

I addition to that I would like to say: I KNOW HOW TO COOK... I am a really good cook.

Of course there's still to considere my good looks and my winning personality. (they are always a plus).. and the fact that I make good coffee.

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