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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Since this is a log, beg your forgiveness, I need to log in some stuff...
I registered at the copyright assosiation and with the wga my latest script .

The script was at first 13 pages long, which I did as a homework for my screenwriting 1 class. As it often happens to me, Sometimes when I get an idea I'll write it down in short form... but I feel like I need time to have the thing sit in me and then one day I'll get like enlightened and I find out the missing link... or the one idea that could solve the story completely.

So I felt that for this one story, about, smells and scents, and memories and how some people envisions things.
In time I figured out the solusion was in the vision, the perspective about things and I made it into an 89 pages script. I am pretty happy about it but now that it is registered I am going to send the script around to my friends for some feedback.

There are still a few things that make sense to me cuz I am inside the story, I need to know what someone who reads the story for the first time sees it.

The title is... I'll put it in italian... IL NASO.

it's a thing and a job description too.

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