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Sunday, March 21, 2004

My niece Linda had another epiphany.

We were talking about shampoo and she was stressed about the fact she has to strecht her hair every day.... you know with that hot plate thingy... whatchamacallit.... that one.

So she first complained: why can't we do dry shampoo... like spray dry shampoo (kinda like dogs).
Deda says: that's what I want to know...
Deda says: only dogs can.

and there goes the epiphany.

Linda says: truth is when I was a child. I used to buy Barbie's magazine.... and there I found the recipe to dry clean the hair! But it was the stinkiest thing ever, with eggs, sugar and vinegar as ingredients. When I tried... my mom wanted to shave my head! XD
Deda says: there goes another of your epiphanies....
Linda says: yes yes... lately I have plenty....
Deda says: I've noticed... I must write a book on your ephiphanies
Linda says: one is not enough
Deda says: actually no (but let;s start with one huh) it is the way u express them....
Linda says: ahahahahah
Deda says: every time you start... one wonders... what the heck is she talking about, out of the blue... we were talking about shampoo and there she goes with Barbie's magazine.
Linda says: would you like to know the one I had at the beginning of the week, it was about the first time I was a biatch!
Linda says: So I was playing with my little pony (the toy) with a friend of mine... I was five and I was playing with my favorite pony. All of the sudden, she wanted to play with it and I didn't want her to, so she pulled its tail and pulled it off!>__<
Deda says: nuuuuuuuuuuu (that is noooooo)
Linda says: The first time I went to her house while she was in the bathroom or something like that... I took the Barbie's horsie she just got... scissours... I cut its tail off and made a new one for the pony.
Deda says: hahahahah
Linda says: I put the story in my website too
Deda says: vendetta tremenda vendetta (it's a line from and Opera Rigoletto, it meas Revenge is terrible but it's revenge)
Linda says: (link to her website)

I don't want to say... but if you ever go to her webiste and see her little ponies collection and the incriminating pony of the story... go see the credits: she blames me for starting her on this pony thingy!!!!

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