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Sunday, March 21, 2004

I have to write this down, I was told this very cool story and I want to use it for a script (so don't steal it because I know the source!!).

I was exchanging messages with one of my "nephews" and we were talking about what's the craziest thing you ever did for love... so he told the conversation went like this:

"To hide a Xmas gift next to the door of the girl I liked in high school, I was caught by her mother while I was hang on the gate to theur garden and i was trying to sneak in like a thief. Ah, her mother was my Ancient Greek (the language) teacher.
So I got off the gate, with my best smile on my face (and I really wanted to dig up a hole and hide myself in it), I asked her and her husband: could you give this to your daughter? Then I said goodnight and ran away like a hero... cool huh?"

Comments were: did you run away shouting "to infinity and beyound"?
the reply was: yeah in Greek!

A note, if you are in classical studies high school you will leanr both ancient Greek and Latin. Usually the Greek and Lating teacher are the same person... and usually... they are the student's worse nightmare.

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