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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had a friend who used to do this: call me the moment she got home after we separated for the day. We said bye bye see ya tomorrow, she'd go home and call me: I am home. I'd say: cool. We'd talk for 20 minutes then hang up.
One day she didn't call and I was having dinner, so i didn't notice her call didn't come. She called me after dinner and said: " where you worried?"
that's when I realized... oh that's why she calls.
our other friend, instead, demanded that she would call her as soon as she got home... and if she didn't call then the other friend would call her and see if she was okay. The other friend would freak out and scold her: you didn't call? I was worried.
funny thing... I am still friend with this girl, she is my oldest, bestest friend... the other friend went her own way.
in the end, I think people show they care in different ways and we each are dense our own way.
my mom always says: the good horse, you cannot judge from the start but from its arrival at the end line.
I think you can get a picture after seeing many things of people...
me I alwasy try to go 360 degree around a person, if I stopped at 180 I'd be dating pretty boys.

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