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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Versailles no bara....

we are venturing into fantastic territory here... my heart was going doki doki while
putting together these pieces... and when i saw Fersen... I almost fainted.


Sorry blurred pic, it looked nice on the camera monitor...
eeer Oscar's dress is to die for...
First love triangle: Oscar, Fersen and Marie Antoinette.

I usually dislike busts... but oh the beauty and the details.. Antoinette's hair
is just fantastic and the blue colored oscar... is straight out of Berubara illustrations.

Second love triangle: Rosalie, Monsier Oscar and Andre....
How incredibly romantic is Andre' casting his shadow in the pale moonlight...
against those tall, familiar window we adored in Berubara... Aaaah! *___*

It might seem funny to put these SD one after these marvelous piece... but hey,
aren't they cute and you can totally change their outfit... it was love at first sight!

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