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Thursday, May 04, 2006

tea set.

I have been making this out of Black Mountain clay, as a set for my best friend Giorgia who is
getting married in May.
The set consist of 5 cup, all the same and all different.
Yellow salt glaze on the outside, mottled blue in the inside. The ring is each a different glaze: Temoku, Copper red and green celadon are the main 3 ring glazes.

Both Temoku and copper red have burned, making the ring look black,
the temoku slightly shinier. The green is still visible instead.
The ring glazes has melted and gone inside mixing with the mottled blue of the inside.

the cups are similar but at the same time all different. Even the foot differs.
Some have a nice carved in foot, others a wide one... some have spirals others don't.

When fired a first time Black Mountain turns orange, when fired a second time for glazing, it turns black. i was pretty happy with the end results... the yellow salt took a nice "ancient" connotation and the burnt foot make the pieces look 'antique'.

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