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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tutti per uno, uno per tutti: siamo i cyborg!
Tutti e nessuno, nessuno e tutti: siamo i cybooorg!

My set # 2 and #3 of Cyborg oo9 (that are actually set 1 and 2 LOL).

comes with 2 Joe Shimamura (Shimamura Jō) - Cyborg 009 (one standing pondering and one clicking to hyper speed) and 2 Françoise Arnoul - Cyborg 003...( one standing pondering and one sitting pondering while staring at baby Ivan Whisky - Cyborg 001).

Chang Chang Ku Chinese Pinyin: Zhāngzhāng Hú)- Cyborg 006 comes with a set of extra arms to... cook (he's got a frying pan).

Dr. Isaac Gilmore appears in this set also.

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