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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Samurai 7

this set is very nicely done, worth every penny,
it smells bad though.

Kambei is not as nice as he could be, the details are awesome but his face looks rather odd.
let's go in order.
Heihachi to the very left, has propably the best pose of them all. Nice coloration too, his face is really cute and a classic, cat like nyaa nyaa expression so typical of Heihachi.

Schichiroji has nice colors and the way he holds his spear is awesome. His face and hair is nicely done.
Katsushiro has the prettiest face of them all. it really does look like him. His coloration is a bit faded for my taste... in the anime the black are bluegreen and his red are redorange.... nice combination of complementary colors, his pants are also more ochre... making you think of gold, therefore jewel, therefore something precious. Here the orange is faded and the bluegreen became pure black.
Gorobei is the one I like the least. His pose is static, colors are okay, the face so so.
Kambei has a horrible face, does not look like him at all... only has a nice left profile... the rest is messed up.
Now Kikuchiyo is the best piece of them all, for pose, coloration, details... it's metallic look is awesome, although his sword keeps falling off his hand.
As for kyuzo, he looks gorgeous from the top up... not so nice bottom down... his legs are stiff and have bad modeling, luckily the coat covers them

the modl were very nice, gotta love the bases, they friggin' stand man!
this is still an A set to me.

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