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Sunday, June 29, 2003


Being myself a pure pirate... and the captain of this ship, a log is most required.

I am not the kind of person who keeps a log, actually, but navigation always requires some osrt of record of the journey, otherwise there would be no proof that navigation exists and lands have been discovered.
It is important for the journey to be smooth, that's wishful thinking I know, butthe waves or the bumps on the road should not stop us from following a star and find a new bay or a new harbor to dock our ship and rest before we sail again.

Well, enough with the sailing metaphors... the Journey is the destination.

I don't actually believe people would ever bother to go and read someone else's blog... then again there's always the nosy kind... (I am a curious person too). If you want to stick with this log you will learn a lot about me, my journey and my destination... oh I could so write a book about it.

Instead I will write a log.


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