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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

By now one would be wondering why such a weird title for my blog....

The Mouse is, of course, The Mouse: Mickey Mouse.

I was obsessed with Disney most of my life... I worked in two Parks and a Disney Store and was truly happy for as long as it lasted. Disneyland Paris is a magnificent theme park, very elegant, nicely done, with a parade that has no rival : the most ambitious and fancy I've ever seen in a disney park. Believe me the parade in the other magic kingdom (DisneyWolrd and Disneyland California) don't compare.

Disneyworld was simply huge and there were so many things to do! One and a half year I worked for the parks and they brainwashed me good... or actually they did not need to cuz I was in it up to my neck! he he he...

I still say: the Mouse is my master... and fight against the Pooh party!
How can you prefer that evil bear to the master?

Of course my true love is Goofy, he is my ideal husband: tall, dark and handsome with large pants. Also what I like is... that nothing really touches him and he goes about life with no knowledge of pain: he is like a buddha!

Needless to say I went on the Disney Cruise Line too... he he he... and I did not want to leave the ship.

Of course the latest Disney movies have revealed themselves quite disappointing... I am a big fan of old stuff like: 101 dalmations, aristocats, jungle book, robin hood, sword in the stone.... Common denominator the director: Wolfgang (Woolie) Reitherman. Second coincidence... Reitherman... is Goofy (directed this charactr in many short and u can consider him his dad)! Of course he directed my beloved Sleeping Beauty that sweeps me off my feet everytime I see it and makes me wish I were the pretty princess with such a (can I say it? ) hot prince singing in my ear. Let's face it: Philip is the real thing!!!! He is the stuff real prince-charmings should be made of... as of today I can't think of a coolest guy in Disney animation: he knows what he wants, no doubt about it, and fight for it (he is the only one who killed a villain)! Am I wrong?

Except for Emperor's new groove that reminded me so much of those funny movies... and Lilo and Stich which I found very pretty but did not impress me (I only watched it once... when I like a movie I can watch it six times in a row: my record is still the Iron Giant, with a 17 consecutive times - thanks to cartoon network for the marathon!)... Mulan was adorable... but...

God what was the need for Treasure Planet where TItan A.E. had already failed with the same story? (let's avoid a discussion about Atlantis, please, spare me!)

The story is most important thing. No matter how good animation is, if the story sucks... animation won't save the movie. On the contrary a good story makes nice to watch a not very nicely animated film...

My oh my, after reading about what disney is going through right now I came to think: should I wash that mouse right out of my head? (this line is straight out of South Pacific he he)

Can you do that with true love?

Never etch in stone something you won't be sure about for the rest of your life. Although I felt hurt, I am not sure I can forget about my passion for the Big Cheese... I am very sorry and I hate what's going on... I am angry.... but I wish for the Mouse to rise again from his ashes... like a phoenix.

Uncle Walt, are you spinning in your grave under the Pirate of the Caribbean's attraction?

Oh, well, I guess I will wonder for a long time..... never etch in stone.... never say never....

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