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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting ready for Japan!

I do so miss spending Christmas in cold weather.

Actually I miss the cold weather, the snow... freezing my ass off, not feeling my fingers...

I spend my whole year between 28 and 31 celsius and it's not fun at all.
Everything rots in hot weather, it rots right away and smells bad.

 For instance, and this is the most disgusting thing that happens to me every two weeks, the sponge you use to wash the dishes... grows worms on it. I
 have decided to switch to a brush.

 So then last year I remember going around the malls during Christmas season thinking: why the Hell do shops sell winter clothes?
Let me tell you, it's because even Singaporeans get tired of warm weather and run away to Japan.

This year is my turn... I shall meet many S'poreans there, I know it. Ha ha ha.

So I bought meself a nice little ticket and I will be going there from the 22nd of December to January 2nd.
Cousin Enju will keep me there with her cat for a while, take me around too, we're planning ahead like crazy. So here goes the first round of shopping. I went to Uniqlo (saw many things, decided, worse come to worse Uniqlo is from Japan, I'll buy more clothes there and then leave them to the cousin to use).

Oh, I do so love winter clothing! All the pretty colors, the browns and the blues... and the pattern... and the textures and the materials... aaah, I do so love winter clothing!

 So I've decided to start posting about the planning as well. Here's my album dedicated to the planning of this trip. Clyda and Grace offered to lend me more clothes... but Pj's and socks are personal items, so I had to go and purchase myself.

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