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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why can't we take criticism?

Very interesting articles as to why people cannot take criticism anymore

I think it applies to millenials too and it gets worse every year...

I have to say that it doubles up at times too - it feels to me as an inception of.... politically correct ---> no criticism ----> politically correct.

Imagine you give a tutorial on how to do it right and one on how to do it wrong - you may argue there is no right or wrong but there are such things as bad habits and anatomy being off.

Well you cannot show the "how to do it wrong anymore" as in when people give criticism not only the other person does not listen but the one who gives the criticism also does not want to accept the rationale behind stuff and don't want to hear a rational reply to their criticism.

for instance: I once did a project that was purposely done wrong as a joke (and in the description I had pointed out the purpose of doing so) and someone commented "this is wrong" so I said "you are correct" but it did not end there because agreeing was not enough.... and no matter how much I kept saying "yes, you are right and I agree with everything you are saying, that's why I did it that way, to prove YOUR point, because you are absolutely right - this is an anti tutorial" the person asked me to change it back to right and ONLY do what's right  - defeating the purpose of the anti tutorial, which was to point out the common mistakes.

I thought we learned through comparison.

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