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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I have a funny story these days, well maybe two or 3...

first one is: there's a pretty spider in my room and when I sit down it comes and hides under my butt.
now a perverted spider I never saw, but I am afraid to budge on the chair cuz I dun wanna squeeze it and kill it.
SoI go shoo shoo... and sit, the next moment I stand up again he is there.
and that's my pervy spider.

the second one is: Oliver gave a bath to woofie yesterday and the dog got so pissed, ran into my room and started bitching about Oliver to me. He just looked at me and went cough cough cough... he doesn't really bark you know, saying "look at me I am a mess" when Oliver came to pick him up to brush him... and the dog started yelling at him. In the end he was yelling and jumping around, he looked like a rat/rabbit.... and as soon as Oliver put a pin to pull his hair up on his head he calmed down.
Oliver said he does that cuz he hates to look ugly and so the moment you put the pin again he feels pretty again and calms down.
I could not stop laughing. A vain dog I never saw either.

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