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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TGCC was okay.

We landed at about 2 pm, apparently the tank in the back was driven by the Avengers and that's why people stopped to take pics of this thingy up here. That delayed our shuttle landing.
I thought the garrison looked cute, though.

Not to mention famous Storm Trooper Gary, was there too but it was not "bring your daughter to work day" so he looked less stressed than usual.

As you can see his buddy was taking a rest too.
I guess that's why our luggage took so long to arrive on the conveyor belt.

Lord Vader was there too but he doesn't like for people to take pictures of him.

Still I had to take a picture of him "if it's the last thing I do" - I said to myself - and... it almost was.

He tried to strangle me using the force, that dark son of a sith!
So, ahm, sorry... it's kinda blurred because I am almost dying here.

Interesting things I spotted.... mhhh... definitely my next hunt: Spongyluv in pirates clothes.

Oh, Spongebob! You are so spongy and so bobby! *_*

Other interesting things.... a Dedasaurus cap by tokidoki, only came in size 8... T_T.

Mickey Mouse in Pirates' clothes... I shall have you! Muahahahahahaha.

They did the designer competition thingy again...

But the official Mickey/Pinocchio thing looks more appealing.

This vintage comics stand said it accepted credit cards....

I bet for Batman n.1 it also accepted kidneys, retinas and such.

Overall, Tgcc was okay. As small as San Francisco Yaoicon, more or less. I thought I would see the local publishers there and more art on the walls.
Some schools had stalls there, we should be there too.
We should have people drawing constantly.... common mistake in the artists alley, they stand there still, never put their best works up... people walk by and never stops.

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