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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ticket to fly back to Unholy land bought.
Two pitiful creatures will accompany me in this trip, to ease my pain and sorrows... and this will make the cultural shock less strong. (I hope - but I already feel motion sick at the thought of the flight and what will come)

I procrastinated as much as I could, the idea of purchasing the ticket and taking leave from work.
I refuse everything from that reality that has never given me anything but horror and the continuous thought that there is NO normality, there, and nobody should deserve to live there! (unless he has to serve time in prison)

I honestly do not like going back there virtually and try to stay away: with all the dunning-kruger, judgmental aspergers and cyber bullism, not to mention the ADD and depth of a 13 year old boy on too much sure and too little porn.
Heck returning physically is almost painful.

This is the 6th time I leave that Country, 2 times already I left without physically being there! I will not make any further attempt t reach out and will stay well where I am. Sorry.
Here dies my nostalgia.
I stand corrected: it's not even ideal for vacation. (cuz the last time my friends were discriminated and this time around I'll make sure to stay away from some places).
I feel like I am going to NS and this is just a duty.
It sucks, but heck I am going!


Misato-san said...

ma quindi? sei in Italia?
so che non ami tanto il nostro paese pero' per come ti conosco, qualche lato positivo lo troverai... se hai modo fatti viva che mi manchi tanto :***

Deda said...

Torno il 20 settembre, in qualche modo ci vediamo perche' sicuro vengo a Torino.
Mi porto due amici dietro.

Misato-san said...

sara' un piacere conoscerli :***