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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viva la pirateria, siempre!

Ask me again: why should I buy a movie ticket to see these amateurish mistakes???

Give me a Billy Wilder movie, I’d buy a DVD any time!
But this kind of crap I wouldn’t even print it as texture on my toilet paper! - the stupid director was so caught up in making the fancy camera move on Angelina Jolie’s face he completely forgot how to do a simple Over the Shoulder!


 Don’t come and bullshit me saying that piracy is killing you! YOU SHOOT on your own foot every single time YOU CROSS THE LINE! How can a professional cross the line????

p.s. I knew the ending the moment the movie started! It was such an obvious twist, like soooo predictable! The only fun part in the movie was to see the Italian actors get pissed at a dumb tourist speaking Spanish to them!

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