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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is my first time something completely digital.
Usually I have a pencil drawing or the basic color is done with markers or watercolor... I do that because... let's face it you've seen my stuff so far: I suck at digital painting. I cannot move the paint around, the pigment stays there dead and does not spread and I have a BIIIIG problem with Wacom too.

 I haven't figured out the background yet so... here it is.

Now curse of the wacom tablet (feel free to skip) 

When I bought my Intuous 4, 2 years ago, the THING could not feel pressure had all these crazy useless buttons to the side and all the stuff they advertised about it? Absolutely not true. So I went back to intuous 3 and struggled with this teeny tiny soft round brush. Hours of layering and not matter what I do... blur! Total blur.

 Then a few weeks ago I bought an inkling for outdoor sketching (needless to say another major disappointment) and the moment I install the Inkling the wacom settings disappear. I talked with tech support for weeks and you have no idea how many things they made me try. I mean, it's not like they told me: oh, sorry about that, we are looking into a patch because yeah... actually our products conflict with each other!
 No... they send me a list of very long procedures and they didn't work. So every time I switch on my mac I have to install the wacom tablet... then the inkling software started starting up on its own when it was told not to, it froze my mac, slowed it down and hence I unistalled it.

After that I am still left with having to install my drivers all the time but guess what??? Two years from the release of Intuous 4 the drivers finally make the tablet work! Pressure, tilting... all in place.
Wow, I said, I am going to try again.

This time around I opened aaaaall my brushes in photoshop and started doing spheres, cones and cubes, yes analysis of form, using all the brushes. Then I found the square brushes. I did a sphere, a still life and then I was like... mhhh, let me try a portrait. So here it is, it took me for ever!!!
Like 1 hour and 23 minutes!

 The paint is still dead, does not move and cannot bleed and cannot be moved, but at least now, with square brushes and a fully functional wacom, I can try to paint alla prima.
What and adventure! And in the misfortune (inkling accident) the good finding of a good new driver for the wacom tablet. It makes such a difference to work with proper tool.
I hope to improve because I still can't say to be happy with the final result... but at least I finally understand a couple of more things and I shall not died extinct like a dinosaur.
 And sorry for the blabber but that's how it went hahahaha.


Marco said...

Ahah leggo questo post proprio prima di cambiare la mia wacom...ed ero indeciso tra tavoletta ed inkling (o entrambi)... Ora sono ancora più indeciso ahah.
Però non ho capito se alla fine da ancora qualche speranza/possibilità a 'ste tecnologie o ti affidi alla carta...Che comunque per il disegno sarà sempre unica ed insostituibile-credo.
E dovrei anche abituarmi a scrivere in inglese...


Deda Daniels said...

La intuous va bene ma la inkling la sconsiglio proprio.