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Thursday, January 29, 2004

My friend Art made me notice I mispell a lot.

I never re-read what I write a second time... that would be writing, it would like editing and publishing something that has been spellchecked and refined.
It's like when you draw and the rough gesture is so nice and... when you do clean up you loose the freshness of it altogether.

I think of this as a free flow... I love free flow exercises... in my mispelling I can also see... how faster my fingers are compared to my eyes.

In the end I could also manage to change the colors of this thing and link my dedasaur club to it. He he he
I know nothing of HTML but one evening I had a conversation about it (and how to make a website... which I call a websyte - cuz I am getting psysched about it) with my friend Vonleigh.
He is cool, begins every sentence with Dude and ends it with whatnot (or watnot, that's how he writes it), as for me he begins every conversation with preciosa... and closes it with ciao, linda =).
He he he the whole conversation took place via messenger... so long ago, before the holidasy.
But the other night, for fun, I went into the templates of the blog and changed colors to it.
that's what I learnt from that bit of a conversation.


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