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Monday, January 26, 2004

Oooh the last one on the post office. My dad's adventure.
He bought one of those boxes that says Poste Italiane (Postal Services) on it (in the Us they are white and blue, in italy they are yellow with big blue letters on 'em) and put some stuff for me in there and went to send it.
The guy told him: u cannot use this boxes.
My dad: why? you sell them for display only?
the guy: You can only use them in Italy... u cannot send them outside the country cuz u see they say: Poste Italiane (italian Postal service)

With these words of wisdom in mind... (and neither of us is still perfectly clear about their meaning... maybe if it said Italian postal services it was only for Italian use? and If it said Poste Americane u could send them abroad?)... my dad took some brown tape and taped over the Poste italiane, so it would not show and went back.

My dad: is it fine now?
the guy: it might!

And sent it. Well, aside from the fact I received tons of those yellow boxes and the Poste Italiane thingy on it never bothered mymail man here in the U.S. my fahter told me:

You know according to his theory then, we live in a psychiatric hospital?
I asked: why?
my dad: well, cuz the sign is outside of the hospital not inside... and that is supposed to inform us that the crazy people must be us, not the ones inside.

Now it all makes sense!

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