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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

for once a typical day in my life.
The mailman did not pass... I know I ma obsessed with the mail and the post office but... I have been waiting for a package 3 weeks already, it should have been here 2 weeks ago. sigh, and there was Howl's castle in it (the book) and a pirate Mickey Mouse, and an Osamu tezuka manga. sigh sigh sigh

I spent the whole day listening to Chage and Aska, put my winamp on random. Yeah, some of you might think it's cheap, commercail music... I like them though, it feels relaxing. It helps me with my Japanese too.
I understand many more words than I used to.

Then what else did I do. Send out some emails, taken a freelance, read some manga, read a book....
talked about my friend's love's trouble, talked about life and philosophy with my menthor.
and got the news that my sister had a miscarriage...

a typical day.

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