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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Italian movies.... well... and Disney too.

Mi piace lavorare is a movie about mobbing. I was shocked something like mobbing would get to Italy, but my mother was a victim of mobbing for a while and that is why I think this movie was really interesting. It is more on the documentaristic side and at the same time tries to be too simpatetic with the protagonist of the movie.
Other than that, the movie is almost sprouting out of neorealism and some scenes reminded me of De Sica's Umberto D.
Sometimes it's too socialist. In general though it keeps its distance and leaves the spectator develop ideas, feelings and opinions about what's going on. To a certain extent it left me with the same feelings that were given to me by a movie called 13 conversations about one thing. although the stories were different, the timing and the storytellinf was very similar.

Agata e la tempesta is really an adorable movie, although it kind of fails the viewer in the ending... somehow it felt they did not know how to end the movie so they killed the one character that ignites the story at the beginning (although he is not the protagonist). The ending was kinda Almodovar'ish feeling... but it did not match the feel of the movie so it was a bit of a let down... other than that, there were some pretty good ideas (except for the mayor of Stokholm who was merely dropped in there and I still haven't figured out why) and I found it very pleasant to watch and absolutely to my liking.

L'imbalsamatore that is a movie that felt likethe first Visconti. It is nice to see how good culture is showing through these young italian directors' opus. On one hand it felt like watching Osessione or L'avventura from Antonioni.... on the other end it felt this one too should have been a short. (I had the same feeling about Whale rider, just like Elephant the director had not enough story to make a feature but indeed ketp shooting and add water to the soup).
On a persona note, the young protagonist looks too much like my father when he was young, so watching the movie freaked me out, had he had blue eyes as well I would have switched the movie off right away in horror (to see my father kiss another woman, would be too much to handle).

Le fate ignoranti very nice film, it starts too slow and takes a while to take off. The themes about homosexuality and belonging somewhere were the right ones and the metaphor of the glass breaking was the right solution for the ending... I reaaaally loved that choice for the ending. But at first, the whole set up and how it's approached felt like a movie produced for TV and maybe hte writer should have jumped in the plot point one a little faster. I still don't know why, but I wasn't hooked up for some good 20 minutes or so but after that it becomes less painful and really an enjoyable watch.

Home on the Range God it felt good to hear Alan Menken's songs again!!! instead of those tedious, no melody, no talent, whining songs from Collins and Elton John. We are talking of an 8 times oscar winner here... and is he worth it!!!! Hell yeah! Okay so the movie was cute but had its flaws. Considering what it went through during production, the story was all over the place, there were way too many dialogues and the main character wasn't appealing at all. But in general I would say every single scene was like a colorful bead for a necklace and taking some beads over others... there, some beads were really pretty and overall the necklace wasn't cmpletely bad. The song were not sang by the characters.... good! The only one to sing is the villain but there's a reason to his singing. that was the smartest choice... my friend did not like it, they said it was stupid but i think it was too surreal for them to accept something that isn't as obvious as a bad guy doing kung fu. Y.odle yodels and hypnotizes cows to kidnap them. The wholel yodle scene was like the pink elephant of dumbo it was a great omage.
I like side characters better than the main ones, especially Grace. I did not get the lucky rubbit at all, but I do love the Villains, all of them. And some of the gag in the saloon were... too weird and twisted not to laugh. The horse was a little annoying, but not less annoying then Shrek's donkey. So who cares?
Too bad it was disney's last but.. thank God this was their last and not that horrible horrible Brother bear.

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