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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I am overflowing with ideas recently.
I recently finished my second drafit of one script and am working on the third draft of another one... I am still working on these two and already have an idea for a new one.

How would I say this, I want to write a thesis about people who loves animals... but depict the bad and good things this love causes to animals. Sometimes to train a dog it's not the best thing you can do to him... and sometimes to love an animal as if it were a person it's the worst thing you could do to him.

I think animals should be loved for what they are. Love given in the right proportion, in the right ammount will not spoil and rot. It's a matter of honesty, a dog cannot replace a person so it should not be treated like one, a person should not act like a dog cuz it would make the poor animal confused.

I had confused pet before. A tortoise who was born and grew up in an aviary and thought to be a bird.
A bird who thought my dad was his mother and my sister was his wife and hated my mother with all his guts to the point he will chew on the leaves of her favourite plant, out of jealousy... and talk behind her back making faces as soon as she turned her back to him: che che che che (the most spiteful sound I can think of hehehehe).
A dog who thought everyone else was a dog too.
A cat who thought to be a dog.

Belive me, messing up with an animal psyche isn't nice, just let them be!

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