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Saturday, January 28, 2006

So yah, I'm in Singapore already lah!
and tell you what it's friggin' hot down here.
I have been going around only two days now... haven't seen the main
tourists place yet, mostly I am drinking lotsa cool juices, guava,
sugar cane, longan etc etc etc. eating fresh desserts... went to
moss burgers...s ooo funny... and eating lots of cool vegetarian
chinese food like fake shrimps, fake ham and so forth.
I went to see the national library, awesome!
and did a little shopping already. You know they have the same
snacks we have in Italy I was so thrilled hahahaha.
actually vegetation is amazing, they have Sensitive ferns growing as
grass on the side of the pavement... you know the type of fern that
if you touch it, it pretends to whiter and die?
I used to have it when I was a kid, and bought it constantly until I
moved to US... and here it's grass!! O_O
they have rain trees that go to sleep at night, and all kinds of
frangipanes, so different from the hawaaian ones, cuz they even have
deep red ones with no white center.
It's very green everywhere, now I know why my best friend felt so
deprived of green when she lived in SF.
I went to a chinese temple of the goddess of mercy yesterday and my
friend did a prayer+fortune telling thing... it was so great!
oh you know? they have no napkins in Singapore. I am enquiring with
everyone why is that... but everyone goes around with tissues in
their pockets cuz there's no napkins in the food courts.
Nobody can quite figure out nor tell me why... they have tons of
signs about fines though... and t-shrts that collects the sign and
says "What a Fine city" hahahaha.
On one hand this place reminds me a lot of Sicily.
On the other hand is clean and organized... then has little
loopholes like... cars don't stop if you are crossing so you have to
be careful (like in Italy! O_O) and there's no napkins.
So far I loved the wet markets and eating so much fresh food and
veggies... but my body temperatures was rising like crazy yesterday
so I was drinking like a camel to cool me down...
Apparently I am a bridesmaid... I didn't know... apparently I am one
of the sisters that's supposed to stop the groom when he tries to
come in the house and fetch the bride hahahaha.
but I think I am starting to understand what Jack Sparrow meant when
he said :Clearly you have never been to singapore.
This place si "cross and delight" at the same time hehehehe...
but I still have many more days to go, hven't seen the merlion

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