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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yah, I'm loving it!
I love the rain trees who go to sleep at night! HEEE and taking
pictures of flowers like crazy.
I like vegetarian foor here: no garlic! yay!
but now I'm running around doing errands with my best fren as her
bridesmaid... so she is taking me super local places and malls.
yesterday we went to a car shop cuz her husband got into an
accident... we went to this place that looks like a parking garage but
every floor has a bunch of car repair shop, it looked like a scifi
so I was taking pictures and this uncle kept looking at us
like "what's there?"
I still have to eat durian but I already saw that it smells like gas,
I mean like a stove when you leave the 4 things open and gas runs out,

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