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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My new preciouuusssss!
Tetsuwan atomu by Osamu tezuka.... this is an 11 pieces set: 5 in color, 5 grayscale plus a secret figure (Pluton - the green robot).
Quality, very nice, looks of the figure... not traditional, it is actually the design used for the new production of tetsuwan atomu. the set is made by maruka... they are fairly small figures except for Pluton which is rather tall (in scale with the figure I have to say, which is pretty neat).
They are a bit mendokusai to put together, but pretty stable once you assemble them... except for Pluton whose legs sticks out (it is impossible to mount the guy the way they want you too!). The pieces of Pluton came into the bags of the other characters...
Only one tezuka set to go to have a full collection!!! :3

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