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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My new preciousss!

This is one of the oldest Tezuka sets around.
It costs about 40 dollars now, I got it for less than that with shipping fees included by a very nice seller on the ebay.

The sets contains: Fushigi na Melmo (the wonderful melmo, aka Lili e i bon bon magici) as a child and as an adult. Ribbon no Kishi Sapphire (la principessa zaffiro) and her little angel Tink, Black Jack and Pinoko.

I already had Black Jack and Pinoko! ^^" but I wanted the full set, they black jack and pinoko were presents anyway, so I'll give mine away too.

The two melmos and Pinoko come with a pedestal.
The plastic is soft and rubbery kinda like the one used for the Majokkos' sets. But the parts come together nicely, the mold was done in an excellent way so truth be told they never come apart.
Except pinoko might loose a leg every once in a while... but I never did realize my black jack was made in piece, I always thought it was a whole... and that's how nice they are.

But Black Jack, sapphire and tink have no pedestal and they don't stand too well.

I'll have to use funtac to glue them on my shelf.
Other than that, sapphire's sword has bent and that always happens in toys of this kind.
Only lately they have started to glue swords to pieces of cardboard so they won't break. In this case though the sword is a part of her arm.

Anyways I am very happy to have gotten this, my Tezuka collection is now complete and I can move forward and look for newer pieces I don't know of... or that may have been produced lately. I really hope they start to make new tezuka sets, honestly, I would love to have a set with nanairo Inko, Prince Norman, Ludwig B, and son goku... really! ^^"

i was pretty lucky too to get the whole thing in one piece, just look at the shape of the box i received yestarday!

very bad shape!

Post offices all over the world: You suck!

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