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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


After painting the walls of a nice powder blue color here I start setting up my study room.

The drawing table is next to the window... I will put all the portraits my friends did of me up on that wall, so I can remember who I am and why I do what I do. So I know who Deda is, how people see her and why they expect from her.

It was supposed to be a white and blue theme. But somehow even brown i sneaking in.
So I guess it will be a multicolor country style room, with contemporary furniture... so random hahaha.
It is still fairly empty, I will have to put shelves on the wall behind my desk and light table. Anyways if I wanted to make a stop motion film, now, I wouldn't have any problem with room... as I have plenty!

My toys will probably all go in here too. Although I want to keep it zen! somehow I don't know well how to do it... but right now I put a basket with stuffed animals in this corner, because so empty it's just too sad and beside I have 3 baskets with beanies inside...
besides I haven't decided what to put on this side of the wall yet.

It's close to the door, so a fairly useless space. I will probably hang my Opera posters on this wall. And some of my drawing.

This is the cabinet I used to have when I was a child.

It looks very 70's! It's so that 70's!!!

It is ideal to store my supplies and portfolios.
I put my ugly duck puppets on one of the shelves already and will

organize to the left 2 cases to store my gashapons and collectible toys.

But I think the best part, so far, is the light!

I bought these nice lights! it has four bulbs of 40 kilowatss each.
the glass around the bulb is multicolor, and changes according to where you look at it and how you see it.

It's a very nice type of shiny, silvery, type of glass.
On one side reflects purple, on the other side reflects green... and it the middle is blue.

It took me a while to find one I really liked.
I wanted to get one that allowed me to move the lights around so i could point the bulbs in different direction and creates some sort of spot lights.
On of the light is pointing at the drawing table, the other to (to the far right) at my desk.
and the second to the left is pointing at the door.

But the beauty of it shines when it's on.
I actually don't think the blue to be so dominant like in this picture.
I see more of the purple and green... the blue hits mainly the ceiling so it goes well with the walls....
the purple and green hitting the walls make the powder blue change shades having parts of the wall getting warmer and some other get cold.

In the end this Purple and green combination make the room very... Me!

it also makes it very happy and bright so it's a positive place to start a drawing career!

will post more about my studio as work progresses towards completion.

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