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Sunday, May 15, 2011

No internet. Sigh.

I took advantage of the fact I have no internet to bring myself ahead with my drawings and I watched a couple of things I had put away but never managed to watch.
One was Jungle Taitei 2009 special... I cannot say I liked it.
The other one was MW which was not as bas as I thought it would be but quite misleading at the beginning.

Jungle Taitei is unfortunately not much of a creative product... but simply a product.
Whenever I hear that there's going to be an "original story" I shrink in pain... original, is the original one created by the author that could be adapted... your own original creation is just an OOC, ugly fan fiction. Which, in fact, was.

Somehow they tried to duplicate the structure of the more famous Metropolis but, let's face it, Otomo is somebody who had dealt with writing templates on a professional and higher level for ages - that's what cuts him up above the others!
You take a template that Otomo has built on an original template, by just amplifying it, and dumb it down and what you have is rubbish.

Not to mention the fact the only thing that was somehow structure in a westerner way, God knows why, was Leo fear's of height - if you asked me it was also solved in a ridiculous way.
Now even though this is supposed to be a show for children I still don't believe children to be so dumb as to believe certain things, like the fact that you can defeat fear and make it disappear. Overcoming is something different, it's still living with that fear and do something despite you are scared to death. That's where bravery lies... the rest is not bravery it's more of a being reckless.

A brave person live with his fears.

The dialogues were incredibly horrible... at one point you also have the redundancy of animals talking in canon like Huey, Duey and Louie saying shit like: we are marching together, although in nature we could never do this and we would eat each other, we are marching together.

I can see that! What are you... the Submariner? Submariner dive... swoosh... drawing of the Submariner diving. How redundant can you possibly be?

In the end even having animals so over conscious and knowing they are clones and stuff was a big epic fail. Whatever happened to that sense of innocence, similar to the good savage, that was in the original story! Whatever happened to the misunderstandings brought forth by ethnocentrism. All lost.

Design wise... great draftsmanship but no art. I mean they sure can paint background but painting like that does not make an artist of you. You need some composition in there, some depth... all the shots were so flat and ipo-dynamic. No design. The character... supposedly Yoshitaka Amano designed that? That was a mockery of the Tezuka Moderno style! Who are we kidding?

The original concept for the animated serie had beautiful proportions in the animal and wonderful swooshing curvilinear shape. Small head on top of big body and viceversa.

Nothing was so even.
In short a man who never went to art school knew more about design and proportions in character design than people who did and the more we go along the more the foundation of design get harder and harder to grasp and disappear. All to the advantage of draftsman who aren't artists, have no creative mind and dull down everything to make it commercial and dumb down the audience more.
The next generation will be forced to go to plain ugly.

The jungle, its colors, the reds and oranges that shouted exotic... all gone in favor of a green that was shouting sickling all over and felt like a random no where in the middle of no where that could be no where.

Also setting the island on top of a volcano doesn't make the Japanese people look so smart.
Surely you are setting up a gun on the wall for a character that is plain black, arcs wrong and suddenly - for no reason - and has the typical idiotic lines as an out of fashion villain "the world is mine muahahahahahah!". I felt so embarrassed for whoever wrote this script.

I am running out of batteries so I'll talk about MW next time. I have to say it was not as bad as it could have been, but I strongly feel it should have been set up in a stronger way.

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