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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The food.

Sfincione: Sicilian Pizza.

Pupo con l'uovo... (cookie with egg)

l'uovo.... (the egg inside)
looks chinese lah!!! XDDD

barbeque (tannara) sasizza e spitina (sausages and involtini)

Lasanga, radicchio and provola.

artichokes in pastella... string beans and black olives.



what's inside a profiterol? Sweet whip cream.

One CannolO
two cannolI.
yes canoli is plural only!!!

and the ones in the back...
Saint Joseph's Sfinci... ah the things you do with ricotta cheese in Sicily!

Some Marsala at the end of the meal, before coffee comes...

Not just simple marsala... but marsala all'uovo!

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